Google previews Pixel 7 series ahead of October 6 launch event

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What just happened? Google's next-gen Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones will not be ready for prime time until next month that but is not stopping Google from sharing information about them early in an effort to give prospective iPhone 14 buyers something to think about.

The two handsets already have a public product page on the Google Store complete with a handful of teaser photos and product rendering videos. Judging by the photos alone, the rear camera array almost looks flush with the rest of the rear panel. The video reveals this isn't the case, however, as the camera strip is visibly elevated like a mini plateau.

Speaking of the rear camera array, the standard Pixel 7 features twin camera lenses alongside an LED flash and a tiny microphone hole. The Pro model ups the ante with a third camera although the specs of each are not yet known.

We do know that both models will be powered by Google's own second-gen Tensor processor. The Google Tensor G2 will enable helpful and personalized features in photos, videos, speech recognition and security, we are told.

Other quick-hit features Google mentioned on the preview page include fast pairing with other devices like earbuds and watches as well as support for Find My Device to help locate misplaced devices. They will ship in three colorways each: obsidian, lemongrass and snow on the Pixel 7 and obsidian, hazel and snow on the Pixel 7 Pro. Both will ship running Android 13 out of the box.

Pricing, availability and more will no doubt be unveiled during the Made by Google event, which takes place October 6 at 10 a.m. Eastern. Apple's Far Away iPhone 14 event is happening today at 1 p.m. Eastern and if the company follows its standard release schedule, new handsets will likely launch a week later on September 16 across most major markets.

Are you planning to pick up a new smartphone soon? If so, are you considering the Pixel 7, the iPhone 14, one of Samsung's new foldables or perhaps something else entirely?

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No disrespect to Google (and I have a pixel 6 pro), but do you honestly think that potential
iPhone 14 fanboys will give the P7 series a second look??

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Do Google have a depth sensor on their phones? Very nice feature.

I agree Apple iTards won't give two figs about any other brand. I went on a photo tour of Iceland with 12 Americans and I was the only one using Samsung and Dell, they all had iPhones, Mac Books and thought Google were a joke and Samsung just copycats. They had contempt for anything non Apple, and let me say these were highly skilled people, former Intel employees, heart surgeon, Psychiatrist etc.


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I have a pixel 6 pro and I had a pixel 4xl ... let me start by saying the pixel 6 pro is such a terrible device that I can't possibly see the 7 being any better. Terrible battery life, extremely buggy, tensor is slow in comparison to snap dragon and apple, sub par screen quality. The only thing the phone does absolutely better than any phone is the camera. Unfortunately I'm moving to the darkside ... apple and samsung are really the only 2 viable options atm if you want a top tier device and aren't worried about spending some dollars. Personally I think the iphone 14 pro is probably the way to go ...