Google Redirect Virus (and more!) - 8 Step Process Completed - Logs Attached

By seb481
May 8, 2009
  1. Hello and thank you in advance for reading this.

    About 1.5 month ago, I had the same problem as the one I'm going to describe. At the time, I followed the 8 step process and got rid of the virus. My computer ran smoothly until yesterday.

    I am not sure when the virus reappeared yesterday but I remember seeing the Java icon in the tray. At the time, I thought it was updating Java or something. Now I believe it could be part of the problem (note that my Java is up to date).

    Two sites I visited yesterday that potentially hurt my computer: (seems legit) and ...

    I was first suspicious about a virus when FireFox crashed on me yesterday. FF never does that to me. Then a few minutes ago, after launching FF again, I did a google search and was redirected to some site full of ads. I understood then that the evil virus I had the month before was back.

    I immediately opened Malware Bytes and tried to update it but it wouldn't update and gave me an error message. I ran MB but it didn't find anything at all.

    This morning, I went through the 8 steps but unfortunately, it didn't help...

    My machine is a Toshiba laptop running XP. It's about 3 years old but it works great. Well, until this virus came on board.

    Here are some of the symptoms I was able to notice:
    - FF crashes regularly
    - slow downloads
    - Google redirect of most searches
    - unable to update anti virus and other spyware removal tools
    - unable to use the up and down scrolling on the laptop trackpad
    - anti virus and firewall don't load at start up
    - battery management tool doesn't load at start up
    - quick launch icons (next to the start menu in the tool bar) don't show up anymore

    I went through the forum before posting and even though many people have redirect issues, they don't seem to have the same symptoms as me, which is why I created a new thread.

    Thank you in advance for helping me out.
  2. nanobox99

    nanobox99 TS Rookie

    having the same problem, please help!
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