Google redirecting problem

By Ebnosis
Dec 3, 2009
  1. Hi, about a week ago my computer started redirecting almost all of my google searches to really random sites. McAfee Security system is my primary anti-virus software, but a few days i downloaded spybot S & D but i was still having the same problem. As matter fact after i ran the spybot I started getting random windows opening stating "Google Error, Bad request, your client has issued a malformed or illegal request." I have just finished performing the updated 8 step virus.......removal instructions. But i seem to still be having the redirecting issues. i have attached the 3 logs that were requested. I must say im not very computer savvy so I really appreciate any help that i can get. Thanks

    Hello guys, I posted this redirecting problem several weeks ago. Im not sure if my post just got over looked or this site is just that busy. Im still having the same problem, infact it seems as if my computer got slower. I still need any help I can get to fix this problem. Thanks so much too anyone that can help.
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