Google redirects to ad sites

By luvam
Sep 1, 2009
  1. Like the title says when ever im searching via google the links just redirects me to a random ad site , also I tried installing spybot to see if I can delete what is causing this but when I installed it and tried scanning it crashes 5 seconds into the scan. I tried opening up Spybot again but it looks as if it has "deleted" itself but w/e this malware it's only making it read only..ALSO I tried downloading a windows update (ie 8) and it does the same thing with Spybot I run the installer 5 seconds in and it crashes. At the moment im trying to get HJT to run and scan so I can get a log but it does the same thing mentioned above.
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    Okay I deleted the old one that is not working anymore, and fresh installed a new hijack this (to a different folder this time) I renamed it to analyse.exe ran it and same thing still happens...I cant run any anti virus/anti malware programs (spybot,avg,etc.) only thing i can run is eset nod32 but nothing shows up when I do full scan.
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