Google reportedly developing messaging app after losing WhatsApp to Facebook

Shawn Knight

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Google missed out on the first wave of mobile messaging apps, an outcome it doesn't intend to repeat. The search giant is reportedly in the early stages of developing a messaging app aimed at competing with popular apps like Hike,...

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Google has the google+ app, it's just.. not very much fun to use.

I'm not sure why google keeps trying in this part of the market, they kept trying and trying to get into social networking and they never succeed.
It's saturated already if you really want to get peoples attention then make an app that allows them to combine existing services like KIK, viber, whatsapp, Fb messenger all in one and add your own flavour to it.


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I thought they already have Hangout?

Indeed they do. I don't think it's widely used. Outside of a few of my co-workers, I don't know anyone else that uses it I only use it when I text them, as they use it for their default SMS app. I think part of the issue is for the longest they forced you to create a Google+ accoun & use your "real name", but I believe they may have recently changed this. Google needs to stop attempting to lock people into their eco system for one. Hangsouts & Chromecast would be much better off if they were crossplatform products. Imagine how much of a failure YouTube would be if you could only use it in Chrome or Android.


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Why don't they just focus on securing Google Talk? It was the far more popular before G+ ruined it and it connects to AIM. The writing is on the wall - social media has become more trouble than its worth. The future will be secure IMs that replace email. Of course they'll be the usual standards war, but the most functional free solution will most likely win out.


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Google Talk IS Hangouts.

I would like to see some features on Hangouts whatsapp like, muting, receiving notifications without it ringing or hiding half the screen saying notifications are disabled and the like.

What I like the most from Hangouts that I don't get from whatsapp, is the ability to write messages from the PC.

Also I would love for them to make a full fledged light-weight client that doesn't require chrome to run.


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Hangouts has come a long way, Google continued to add features to it.
Feature wise I believe Viber is one of the best so far but Hangouts have the
ability to be used from gmail email account which makes it stand out.
Now they have added a dialer to it as well which allows you to make calls(merger with Google voice).
I think google just needs to improve Hangouts and use it to counter WHatsApp/Viber
instead of releasing a brand new messaging app.