Google rolls out multiple account sign-in feature


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If you happen to use more than one Google account -- and many of you do -- you probably know how annoying it can be to sign in and out of each one. Google has announced a cleaner solution that lets users change between accounts instantly. The feature is still being rolled out, but assuming the flip has been switched for your account, you should see "multiple sign-in" as an option in your settings.

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Julio Franco

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I guess I'm not a standard user, or at least the average user doesn't run a website for a living, but this is going to be of huge help to me as I rely on numerous Google services and keep two different accounts depending whether it's business related or personal.


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Contact Sharing in Google Apps S-u-c-k-s

I sure wish google would fix the crappy virtually non-existant contact sharing in Google Apps before wasting energy on other less important features...

sigh :(


I am really going to enjoy this feature. I use the same feature on my msn account daily. I cant wait until this is effective as it will save so much time!