Google search results being redirected

By fairview
Mar 23, 2009
  1. Occasionally when I click on a link from a Google search results page I am redirected to a different website. I can click back and then click the link again & I am then taken to the right page. It's becoming a pain, so I' was hoping someone could help me fix this problem. Thank you.
  2. KrisMcNic2!

    KrisMcNic2! TS Rookie Posts: 16

    I'm no expert, but have been down this road myself. Yes you are infected, but you forgot to tell MBAM & SAS to kill the nasties. You need to run them until they come up clean, sometimes the nasties hide under the dead bodies & I have seen in my own case that I had to run them up to 3X before I came up clean. Also don't forget to run CC at least 2X or until it comes up clean. Don't forget to make sure all the boxes a checked in CC, both in the Windows & Applications tabs except for the "Old prefetch data", to make sure your starting from a good clean base.

    Happy Hunting & post the new clean Logs when you have them. :)

    Once your clean I recommend that you run chkdsk/f 2x & then do a Defrag, it's an old DOS cure that seems to get the last little kinks out of a PC after major surgery.
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