Google Search Results redirected

By tc12357
Dec 16, 2009
  1. When I click on my google search result, it gets redirected to other pages and getting occasional blue screen on Windows which doesn't happen before.

    I am seeing this in both IE and Firefox. I also tried to search on Yahoo and Bing, the results are also getting redirected.

    I have run Zonealarm Extreme Security but found nothing. I followed the rest of the 8 steps and have attached my logs.

    I am still experiencing the problems after finishing the 8 steps.

    One thing I noticed, if I search for 'nba' in google and click on a link, the first link show up on the browser's link field is '', then it will start redirecting to another random page.

    Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated. Tony
  2. tc12357

    tc12357 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Updated Log File

    Anyone can help? I have run the 8-steps again. Still no virus found. Attached are the new log files.
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