Google Stadia to offer publisher-specific subscriptions on top of Stadia Pro

Shawn Knight

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Google last week answered several pertinent questions regarding Stadia, the cloud gaming service due to launch in November. During a recent interview with Stadia head Phil Harrison at E3 2019 over the weekend, we learned even more about Google’s plans.

When asked about the free-to-play model, Harrison confirmed that Stadia would have one. He also added that there will be publisher-specific subscriptions that would presumably grant users access to a collection of titles from individual publishers.

These publisher-specific subscriptions will live on top of an existing Stadia Pro subscription, much like how cable TV subscribers can access HBO on top of their base package for an additional fee.

Harrison said he doesn’t think subscriptions will be for every publisher but could be an attractive option for those with larger catalogs and more significant lineups. Expect to see publishers start thinking about their own subscriptions “in due course, in relatively short order from now.”

For what it’s worth, the publishers that have committed the most titles to Stadia thus far include Ubisoft, Bethesda and Square Enix.

It’s tough to say with any degree of certainty how receptive gamers will be to what is quickly morphing into an unnecessarily complicated pricing structure.

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Slappy McPhee

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The evidence is piling up that Google has no effin clue what they are doing when it comes to gaming. this sounds like it is going to be an expensive trainwreck that is designed to benefit ONLY them and the publishers.
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Charging for surround sound? This is why I will never support cloud gaming. Gamers already have so little control over their games now, I'm not about to give up any more then I already have. Next thing you know, controller support will cost an extra $5 and a "low latency gamer connection" will cost an extra $15.
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