Google stops Acer smartphone launch because of incompatible OS

By Shawn Knight ยท 9 replies
Sep 17, 2012
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  1. Acer was prepared to launch a new smartphone earlier today running a modified version of Android known as Aliyun but before anything could materialize, Google stepped in and pulled the plug on those plans. The search giant issued a statement...

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  2. TJGeezer

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    What happened - did Acer forget to take Google to the prom? It sure looks like Google has it in for Acer, the two-timing jerk who went out with Aliyun and then forgot their prom date. Too bad - Google and Acer were such a cute couple of huge corporations...
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  4. Yeah, right! Sorry everyone, we don't need another competitor to share a bite on the pie..
  5. ^yes because the market needs another "competitor" thats just using a forked android OS with pirated Google play apps.

    I can completely agree with Googles reasoning for sticking it to one of their partners like Acer, when Acer is trying to get more cuts of the pie using a OS clone like Aliyun that pirates apps from the full fledged android.

    God forbid any one other than Apple being able to say how the source code/OS fork for their OS should be used.
  6. Camikazi

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    Nope has nothing to do with that, Aliyun is an Android rip off running pirated Android Apps and that goes directly against what the OHA is there to stop. Before I thought they just forked Android and were trying to sell it that way, which is fine for a non OHA member, but it seems Aliyun is worse than that and is directly pirating and distributing those apps in their app store. That should be stopped, no giant company (Alibaba) should be allowed to do this.
  7. TJGeezer

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  8. Alibaba operates in the People's Republic of Copies, Cheats and Cons. Acer were very foolish to trust a PRC company.
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  9. dennis777

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    Now I understand... nice link
    If that was apple.. they would sue immediately :)
  10. JimmyJammy

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