Google Street View Hyperlapse lets you animate your trip

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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A small independent unit within Teehan+Lax tasked with exploring the creative use of technology in the digital channel has come up with a pretty neat invention called Google Street View Hyperlapse. As the name suggests, the app builds a time...

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I really liked the rotate effect, looked awesome when they followed the planes. Cool Stuff!


TS Evangelist
This video blew me away. I'm quite impressed by the video alone, but the feature seems like it will become very popular. I can see a few way people would use this, albeit maybe not always up to date, but a considerable reference point. The entertainment possibilities, like Google Earth, seem almost infinite, as well as educational.


TS Evangelist
Just created one for my normal commute and it's extremely jerky, points off in different directions randomly. It does look promising from the video, but it's far off from the reality of it.