Google tries to understand what you want to search for but never do

Shawn Knight

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Google is pretty much the go-to search engine for most people. They've done a fantastic job at narrowing down exactly what you are looking for based on your query (most of the time, anyway) but what about the things you...

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Yep I've though of doing some quick research on things throughout the day and at the end of the day when I'm home or otherwise able to actually do the search, I have either forgotten about it or not in the mood or w/e reason.

Some may argue this will kill actual socialization even further, and I would agree to some extend. Some of the things I have wondered and though of searching, I never even bothered to ask anyone, so there was no social interaction either way.


Google is the Geo log, archiving everything from you cause archived peoples has no future.


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People do not search for specific answers on a daily basis. I want/need to know something, anything I look it up. Like, I look up everything on google from homework help to computer building advice to "when does this nutella expire." google doesnt need to change anything on their search engine if thats what they are thinking, apart from this nonsense of changing abbreviations to words and such automatically, or including "similiar" words that I didnt type.


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I hate it when someone borrows my computer and they try to google something and google does that.

google: ah okay, you just typed in the letter T, you must be wanting teen and mom double team guy in the shower.

Person borrowing my computer: Oh my god! EEEW!