Google tweaks self-driving car to tackle busy city streets

Shawn Knight

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With projects like Glass consuming headlines as of late, you'd be forgiven for forgetting about another ambitious project that Google is working on. The search giant on Monday provided an update on its autonomous driving project and by all accounts,...

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Driverless cars can't come soon enough. I do not have a love affair with motor vehicles. I can't wait until I no longer have to pay attention to mine.


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The only gestures I've ever seen from cyclists is the extension of their middle finger, and that's only if they're not bouncing off your windscreen.


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The day I read "self-driving cars anticipate an accident and take preventive measures to avoid collision" will be the day, I will start to buy into them.

Jad Chaar

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We need quantum encryption before self driving cars become a reality. If it is hacked, you are screwed!