Google's $249 Clips camera is now available to purchase

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Google during its Pixel 2 unveiling back in October announced a smattering of other goodies including Clips, a smart camera designed to help you stay in the moment by intelligently capturing images and video on your behalf.

The pint-sized camera is powered by Moment IQ machine learning technology. It features a 130-degree field of view, has 16GB of onboard storage and can record at up to 15 frames per second for up to three hours per charge. Similar to a GoPro, it can be left unattended and assist in capturing imagery from unique perspectives.

Google says the camera gets better with time as its machine learning technology recognizes the people you’re around most. Footage is stored directly on the device and can be transferred to your smartphone via Wi-Fi Direct. It measures just 2.0” x 2.0” x 0.8” and weighs a mere 1.5 ounces (or 2.2 ounces with its stand / clip attached).

Google Clips is now available to pre-order although be warned, it’s not cheap. Expect to pay $249 for the opportunity. For that price, you could get a decent GoPro or even a mid-range smartphone although neither includes intelligent recording technology.

I’m especially interested in seeing how consumers respond to Google Clips. As an amateur photographer, part of the joy of the hobby is being actively involved in capturing a special moment. Automating / eliminating that duty isn’t particularly appealing to someone like me although I can see how the average user might be interested in circumventing that sort of thing and jumping straight to the reward.

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Google is practically an ad company and they've been caught collecting all sorts of data they shouldn't have (illegally) and all data they legally can. Why would you pay them to monitor your buying habits and other info so they can harass you even more? If google devices where free I would kind of get it.
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"Expect to pay $249 for the opportunity."

The opportunity to spend money to help Google *make* money by eliminating your last vestige of privacy. Honestly, anyone who buys something like this deserves an honorary Darwin award.
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If you buy one of these and for some reason decide to use it to record someone without their consent or knowledge, be aware that in most parts of the world this is a *criminal* offence. If caught and prosecuted, while you may/may not end up going to jail, may/may not have to pay a hefty fine (which will probably be determined by what you're recording and how intrusive it is), you *will* have a criminal record, and you will not be able to answer 'no' to the question 'do you have a criminal record/have you been arrested/convicted of a criminal offence', and people *will* be able to find out and *will* do searches, and this may materially affect your job/prospect of getting a job, and your ability to travel and visit other countries. This is not 'ha-ha, who cares' stuff, or like getting a speeding ticket or a parking fine.