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Sep 18, 2013
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  1. I plan to buy a new graphics card very soon for my machine. I plan to purchase an AMD Card.

    The plan originally, was to wait until the 8000 series cards are released on the 25th. I also wish to Liquid-cool the card.

    Does anyone know of liquid-cooling kits for gpu's. Similarly like that of a Corsair h100i where everything needed is in a single kit?
    Pump, Block and Radiator+Fan?

    Without going into lots of money to purchase a limited edition card, are there any cards with liquid cooling pre-installed?

    How long after amd releases there cards can I expect 3rd party manufacturers to release liquid looking for them.

    How long after they release there cards can I expect 3rd party manufacturers to release there own cards, eg: Sapphire?
  2. slh28

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    There's no AIO water cooling units for current GPUs, although there was this for the GTX 580. Even if there were they would be costly and totally not worth it. Buy an aftermarket card with a decent air cooler (e.g. Asus DCUII) which will run cool and quiet.

    Straight away.
  3. GhostRyder

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    I had 2 of those PNY Liquid Cooled Edition GTX 580's (Just the GPU loop one, not the CPU one). Great cards, I wish they would do it again as the design was cool.

    However if your wanting an all in one kit, that's simple enough as there is one out there called the ARTIC Accelero Hybrid VGA, its a cool device that actually works pretty well and is silent for the most part.

    Note that this is a hybrid cooler that cools the main GPU while the Dram and other components are cooled by a fan on the card that is pretty quiet.

    They do a good job as like I said I had the PNY version card which did the same thing and I actually know one person who bought one of these and said that the cooler actually does its job and allows humongous headroom for overclocking.
  4. Jad Chaar

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    It will probably be a few weeks to a month before waterblocks are released for the new GPUs. If you are only running 1 card, WCing is not worth it.
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  5. St1ckM4n

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    There are AIO 'closed' water cooling systems similar to the H100i, which allow you to add a custom GPU waterblock and add it to the system. They aren't scalable as much as custom open-loop systems, but they are a decent price and still cool GPU optionally.

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