GPU Availability and Pricing Update: July 2022


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HA LOL Ngreedia can go suck the juice of an unripe persimmon before I'd give them any money same goes for eBay scalpers


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The 40 series is going to be significantly more powerful than the 30 series at the top end, but I don't think it is going to be toward the middle and bottom of the lineup. What Nvidia appear to be doing is making a larger top tier die, the AD102, which is the only die we have heard any performance news about. Below that you have the AD103 which is the same core count as the 3090 and 3080 variants currently have. The 4080 will be on the AD103 die, which means that at most it will have a 15% increase in cores compared to 40% for the 4080 Ti, 60% for the 4090, and 80% for the 4090 Ti. What this means is that it likely will not be worth it to upgrade from a 3080 to a 4080, I'm guessing that the performance increase will be at most 25%. This is why I think you we haven't seen a price reduction on lower-end Nvidia cards. The 3080 and below will see only modest generational gains with the 3080 to 4080 likely seeing the lowest performance gains. Buying a lower end Nvidia GPU will not be nearly as much of a gut punch when the 40 series releases. But dropping over $1000 for the high-end GPUs makes no sense right now. I think it will be hard to get $750 for a 3090 once the 40 series releases.


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No way a 3080 should be more than 599. These MSRP are Miner enhanced. Wouldn't touch these. This article is correct. There is NO VALUE in these cards.