GPU Availability and Pricing Update: October 2021


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TLDR: It's still shite

At these horrific prices GPUs like RTX 3060 and RX 6600 / XT are horrible since you're overpaying for 1080p cards that will be outdated quickly. Cards like RTX 3070 and RX 6700 XT are, ofcourse, terrible value but at least you're getting 1440p ultra cards that should hold for a few years.


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I purchased the Radeon VII Anniversary Edition right after it was launched directly from AMD, sold it early December for $1,300 which is way more than I paid for it as its a powerful mining card, managed to get an RX 6900XT for $1400 brand new from FB Marketplace and will cling onto it til it dies or the market GPU crashes. Also sold my Vega 56/Ryzen 2700 Acer laptop for $1100 and got myself an Asus ROG G513QY with Ryzen 5900HX and RX 6800M for $1500, its just insane that the whole laptop costs almost as much as an RX 6700XT/Ryzen 5800X CPU without the remaining components. This crazy price madness is making laptops far more attractive.


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Excellent market indeed. My 1070Ti that I payed for ~200 euros and is now 2 years older I can sell for 400+ euros. Makes perfect sense.
I bought 3080 on release, for 700 dollars.

Sold it this year for 1450 dollars after I recieved my 3080 Ti for 1400 dollars.

This is the best performance per dollar I have ever seen.

I also picked up a 3070 for 500 dollars on release for my HTPC, which I considered selling for 1200 dollars but I am keeping it.

GPU shortage is both good and bad lolol


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Over a series of swaps I exchanged a red paperclip for an RTX 3090. Or was it for a Bugatti Chiron? Can't recall anymore. I just know it was something very expensive.
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There is a big difference between the eBay price on LHR vs non-LHR RTX 30 cards, especially the 3080 and 3090s. I have a non-LHR 3080 and I got to admit, its tempting to sell it for $1800-2200 to miners. If I actually had a decent mid-range GPU I might have done it, but I don't and its not worth trying to find one to do that. I got the card back in November 2020 for $729.00 and stupidly sold a GPU that just covered the cost. I should have held on to that GPU a little longer, but who could have predicted it would still be like this nearly a year later? Still, I upgraded to a 3080 for free, so I can't complain, I'm a winner right now in the GPU lottery.


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I don't really buy the OP's argument.

Logically, GPU's sell at these absurd prices b/c ppl are buying them like crazy and there's even a few ppl (1 posts here) that buy 3 or 4 or 5 GPU's they don't need just b/c they can.

So long as ppl continue to buy at these ridiculous prices it is obvious that prices will never, ever normalize.

P.S.: ETH is gonna go proof of stake around the same time we will see the coming of the Lord.

That's how Capitalism works though; as long as you have a small cabal of individuals who are willing to pay above what the market justifies for a product, you will see the price of that product rise to match. "Everything is worth what his purchaser will pay for it.".


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Please, explain to me where the law of offer and demand is regulating prices with the practice of bundling? Shouldn't this be illegal?
I thought the "invisible hand" was supposed to auto-regulate the market, right?

No, the market is working as intended. Product is absolutely moving, but it's a minority of people within the market (those that can afford the cost of inflated prices) that are in turn driving those prices, which in turn prices everyone else out. The end result is *always* a price crash, but it often takes a period of years before that happens.

Really, this is no different from the various economic bubbles you see; be it housing, stocks, or whatever. This is how our economic system works, and why it's so unstable nowadays.
Ethereum will be a POS (proof of stake) in Feb 2022, but there are rumours that developers are postponing it to May 2022. Hence the drop of hash power from 80 to 40. Eth miners anticipating the POW to POS. Some of them has been secretly selling their cards (beyond MSRP of course). They'll tell buyers "cards were use for gaming only". The thing is, try to avoid these cards, they've been overused and overclocked running 24/7. So, I guess we're seeing some signs of cards demand decreasing? The other bad news is, the other GPU mineable
alt coins. They seem to increase in profitability as well.
I must say - I appreciate the level of work done for this article. I've been sporadically checking "sold" prices on eBay, checking Eth value vs difficulty - but nothing on the scale or consistency of the work performed in this article. I've become accustomed to reading idle, low-effort articles that merely speculate about current value and advise buyers to "buy a card if you want one and can afford it" - this piece makes evidence-based conclusions and provides real insight.