GPU overheated on a dell

By Senai
May 10, 2010
  1. Big surprise there. So my dell xps m1530 gpu overheated the other day and now I need to replace my motherboard. I know dell is offering people with my model a free year of warranty for this problem but that's only for systems bought before 2006 and unfortunately mine was not.

    What I need to know now is what kind of motherboard I have. Here are my system specs:

    1 DP952 Module, Keyboard, 86 United States-English, Dell Americas Organization
    1 NK750 Keyboard, 86, United States English, Single, Pointing Barents
    1 FX345 Module, Software, FPRDR APPL Inspiron
    1 PU575 Module, Remote Control Notebook, Mobile 2008
    1 FW331 Kit, Remote Control, Notebook Mobile 2008, Philips
    1 RH778 Module, Adapter, Alternating Current, 90W, Lead Free, Liteon Russian
    1 DF315 Assembly, Adapter, Alternating Current, 90W, Mobile 2007 Liteon, 3PIN
    1 T630F Ship Group, Notebook, United States, 3P, M1530, Dell Americas Organization
    1 01323 INFORMATION..., NO ITEM
    1 UY685 Cord, Power, 125V, 2.5A, 1M, C5 Dual, United States
    1 YK181 Guide, Product, Information Client, DAO/BCC
    1 X493C Base, Notebook, CPEN, T8100, 2.1 M1530
    1 N385D Processor, T8100, 2.1, 3MB, Core Penryn, M0
    1 XR226 Module, Palmrest Magnesium-alloy, W/FPRDR, M1530
    1 XR215 Assembly, Palmrest, Aluminum W/FPRDR, M1530
    1 XR620 Service Install Module Software, Inspiron, XPS-M1530
    1 WW439 Module, Label, Microsoft, WindowsVista Os, Premium, Small
    1 XR617 Module, Media, Digital Video Disk Drive, Resource Dvd XPS-M1530
    1 MG952 Module, Dual In-line Memory Module, 4G, 667MHZ, 2X2G
    1 Y9540 Dual In Line Memory Module 2GB, 667, 256X64, 8K, 200
    1 RN893 Module, Battery, Primary, 56WHR 6C, SIMPLO
    1 TK362 Battery, Primary, 56WHR, 6C Lithium, SIMPLO
    1 HT992 Module, Dvd+/-rw, 8X, 1530, Teac Inspiron
    1 HT141 Assembly, DVD+/-RW..., 8, Slot, 1530 Teac
    1 D351F Module, Liquid Crystal Display Notebook, Black, Dummy, M1530
    1 XR147 Module, Assembly, Base (assemblyOr Group), 256M, M1530
    1 2864D Screw, M3X3, K SCREW HEAD..., MICROSOFT..., BLACK OXIDE...
    1 D501F ASSEMBLY..., BASE (ASSEMBLY OR GROUP)..., DISCRETE..., 256M, M1530
    1 CM279 Module, Bezel, Liquid Crystal Display, W/CMRA, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, M1530
    1 DP157 Assembly, Camera, 2M, Integrated Manufactured In China, Latin America, M085
    1 RU671 Bezel, Liquid Crystal Display Plastic, W/CMRA, M1530
    1 TY009 Module, Cover, Liquid Crystal Display, Black, M1530
    1 XR862 Module, Liquid Crystal Display 15.4WXGA+, Lg Philips Lcd, M1530
    1 XP059 Liquid Crystal Display 15.4WXGA+, VIDEO ELEC. STDS. ASSOC...., True Life Lg Philips Lcd
    1 XR855 Bracket, Support, Metal, 15.4 Liquid Crystal Display, L, M1530
    1 XR856 Bracket, Support, Metal, 15.4 Liquid Crystal Display, R, M1530
    1 XR857 Assembly, Cable, Liquid Crystal Display, M1530
    1 WP875 Module, Hard Drive, 320G, 5.4K SMSNG-M6, Inspiron
    1 NW587 Hard Drive, 320G, Serial ATA, 9.55.4, SMSNG-M6
    1 CM132 Module, Software, Mcafee, 9, 30DAYEnglish, Across Line Of Business
    1 WK528 Module, Software, GOOGLE, Search Consumer
    1 XM544 Module, Software, PC-RESTORE Transactional Line Of Business
    1 TK051 Module, Software, Adobe, Acrobat Reader, 8.1, English
    1 CY416 Module, Software, Dell Media Direct, 3.5, Operating System
    1 CY425 Module, Software, Dell Media Direct, 3.5, HAWKE
    1 F988H Kit, Software, Dell Media Direct, 3.5, Digital Video Disk Drive, W1, EXTREME PERFORMANCE SYSTEM...
    1 J206C Module, Software, Dell Connect 2.1, Dell Americas OrganizationEMEA, Brazil Customer Center
    1 KW181 MODULE..., SOFTWARE..., DSPRT-CTR, 2.0
    1 FX125 Module, Software, CMRA APPL Inspiron
    1 Y573C Module, Software, Roxio, 10.2 Dell Edition
    1 P005H Kit, Software, Roxio, 10.2-0, DellEdition
    1 D050D Module, Software, VHP32SP1 Consumer Notebook, England DAO/BCC
    1 H081D Module, Software, Quick Fix Engineering, VHP32SP1, Consumer Notebook
    1 JP927 Module, Software, DELL-WELCOME Transactional Line Of Business
    1 K838F Module, Software, VHP32SP1 Digital Video Disk Drive, MUL5 Dao/bcc
    1 K257H KIT..., Software, VHP32SP1A, DigitalVideo Disk Drive, Multiple, 5
    1 P166F Module, Software, VHP32/64 Certificate Of Authenticity
    1 J019D Module, Software, DELL-DOCK Consumer
    1 YY220 Module, Card, Network, 4965 Inspiron, Most Of World 1
    1 MK933 Card, Wireless, Minicard, 4965 Most Of World 1
    1 T013C Module, Software, Works, 9 English
    1 R020C Kit, Software, Works, 9, English
    1 DW997 Module, Label, Intel, Notebook Centrino Mobile Technology Update
    1 XN190 Module, Software, Data Safe Online, English
    1 XN278 Module, Software, Data Safe Online, 3GB, 1YR-FREE
    1 XR216 Assembly, Heatsink, Notebook MEROM, M1530
    1 XR217 Assembly, Cover, DASHBOARD Plastic, M1530
    1 TY011 Assembly, Cover, Liquid Crystal Display, Black Magnesium-Alloy, M1530

    Not sure if it is listed on here. If it is not is there a way I can find out? I've tried looking in the manual but doesn't seem to be listed.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    There is a sticker on the board that tells you what it is... nearly in dead center, and again on the edge of most XPS boards...
    If you order the refurbished board from Dell, you will not need that detail... just your service tag number. But it is not cheap... the last one we purchased was $139 including shipping.
  3. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    That sounds like laptop system specs, is that right?
  4. Senai

    Senai TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've looked at the mobo can couldn't find anything that can tell me what kind it is. My dell doesn't have any stickers on it that could indicate the motherboard.

    My warranty has expired so purchasing a motherboard from dell is quite expensive. $499 for service and the board itself iirc and that's just not worth it. I'm looking at ebay for some refurbished ones and that's why I need to know which one I have.
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