Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition gets November 11 launch date, $59.99...

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In brief: Rockstar Games has revealed that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will launch on November 11 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Rockstar Games Launcher.

The bundle, which includes Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, was announced earlier this months following multiple rumors on the subject.

Specifically, the trilogy will be available digitally on November 11. If it’s a physical release you are after, you’ll have to wait until December 7.

The genre-defining Grand Theft Auto III arrived on October 22, 2001, and forever changed our perception of what an open-world game could be. Today marks the 20th anniversary of that release, and is a fitting day to announce the trilogy's launch details.

Rockstar said The Definitive Edition will deliver new GTA V-inspired modern controls as well as across-the-board visual enhancements such as resolution upgrades, a completely rebuilt lighting system, improved shadows, weather and reflections, upgraded vehicle and character models, higher resolution textures and more. Players will also see new foliage, smoother surfaces and increased draw distances, but Rockstar said it was careful to preserve the games’ distinct original aesthetic.

Rockstar also dropped a new trailer for the trilogy, highlighting the many visual improvements prospective buyers can expect.

Interested parties can pre-order the trilogy from today on their platform of choice for $59.99. There doesn't appear to be any sort of pre-ownership freebies this time around.

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With those requirements the improvements they made might actually be fairly substantial. Maybe that's why they haven't revealed screenshots or videos yet, they want to surprise everyone.


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Lmao, $60? Pretty sure I didn’t pay that much for all three of the originals! You could buy 7 months of Xbox game pass instead and still have money left over for a 4 pack.


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It's not the graphics that need fixing in these games rather the atrocious vehicle handling, appalling combat mechanics and absurd mission difficulty spikes.


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I loved how they said "GTA V-inspired modern controls" because they surely want to say "GTA V-style graphics" but they couldn't.

anyway I think GTA3 and GTAVC will see the most graphic improvement. you guys remember the how they used to illuminate the headlights with a block of ice? it's going to be a blast from the past but at $59.99 I'll wait for a while.


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It's not the graphics that need fixing in these games rather the atrocious vehicle handling, appalling combat mechanics and absurd mission difficulty spikes.
Having not played any of these games since they originally came out, I can't remember having any problems with them as nothing really compared back in the day, I played and beat all of them, if it was a challenge I just pushed through it as this was how games were back then, failed a mission? Reload your save and try again until you beat it, none of this ***** footing mentality of modern games that seem to guarantee you are successful on your first attempt without hardly trying. To hold these games up to modern standard will surely make them look lacking in many areas, however the same can be said about just about everything.

Would I pay to play them all again, not likely, I'd rather remember them the way they were, I thoroughly enjoyed them back then, this is still good enough for me now.


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Definetely getting this but not at $60. Look what they did to those horrible GTA SA hand models.


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So this is not a remaster, just the old games with some graphics mods for 60 dollars. Rockstar should take example from Mafia Definitive Edition, that's how a remastered version should look like.