Graphic card not spinning (pics) 100C at idle!


I posted a thread earlier today and I asked for what the problem is, so I opened the case and I saw that the graphic cards fan is not moving. I created a new thread because I didn't write the problem in the topics name.. So I took some pictures!!
As you can see my processor fan and the chassi fan works fine
Harddrives and other components
Here!!! Do you see that it is not spinning? I dusted it off and it still is like that..
Same thing here!!!

How do I fix it? I know it is the problem..

I mean, I got at the moment over 100C in idle.

If I can't fix it, how do I remove it? Would another graphic card fit in there?


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Hi, sorry to hear about your problem. Judging by the pictures you should be able to replace it, but not with anything powerful. With out more information I can't help you. I need to know more about the hardware in your computers, pictures only do so much.

Download a program called CPU-z. Tell me the processor, motherboard, ram and video card.
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AMD Phenom X4 9550

Acer RS780HVF

DDR2 4096 Mbytes

Video card:
ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

How should I do to use a more powerful video card?


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if you want to use your current video card, you have to dust it off and install new fan.

otherwise you can purchase a new video card which have approximately the same power consumption. there are plenty of choice depending on budget.