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May 11, 2009
  1. *Edit: Refer to post 3 for attached mini dumps and dxdiag.

    I've been having a really annoying graphical errors for a LONG time, probably close to 2 years. My computer experiences frame rate spikes (lag spikes basically) and then it will freeze quick, and then self destructs into a frenzy of graphical tearing, image cloning (if there was a green box on my screen, it would clone it in patterns and make a collage with all the other images just as one of the things that happens during this frenzy) and more frame rate spikes. Sometimes, depending on how long I continue to play, whether I alt-tab, and what game Im playing a few different things will happen: Sometimes I am able to alt-tab, resuming back to desktop, then re-open the game and it seems to refresh itself (sometimes), this is the closest fix I've come to my problem. Other times, when this tearing occurs I will just simply have to restart my computer because my computer essentially freezes. And on my newest encounters I have experienced a NV4 display error once it gets to frenzy mode.

    I have tried a series of things to try and fix this error, I will list them in time order from earliest effort to newest.

    (note- all drivers were removed and installed correctly for each card)
    Switched my 9600GT out for my old 7900GT - Failed, same graphical problem.

    Switched out my 7900 for my brothers 9800 GS. Failed, same graphical problem.

    RMA'd my 9600GT and got a new one - Failed, same graphical problem.

    Updated bios, checked bios settings - Failed, same problem.

    Changed RAM slots - failed, made computer not start, resumed normal positions and encountered same problem.

    Beta Drivers, Archived Drivers - Failed, (removing/reinstalling drivers)did provide enhanced stability for short duration.

    Changed video card slot to second one - Failed, but did provide enhanced stability for short duration.

    Bought a new heat sink for processor - Failed, but did provide the longest period of minimal, or no problems.

    Playing with every individual graphics settings (vertical sync, AA, etc) - failed.

    Now, this is what I think COULD be the problem.
    -BIOS settings not being done according to manual (i don't have the manual anymore)
    -Some type of graphic card, or device/driver corruption from all of the OpenGL, and NV4 Display crashes.
    -Heat, although I believe this is the least likeliest of them because I just bought a brand new very effective cooling unit for my CPU.
    -Faulty motherboard, considering I have altered almost everything but this.
    -Power supply

    Specs:OR Check dxdiag
    OS: Win XP HE 5.1, build 2600
    System Manu: Foxconn
    System Model: X38
    Processor: Intel(R) Core2 Quad, Q600 @2.40GHz, 4CPU
    Memory: 3328MB RAM
    Graphics Card: Nvidia 9600GT


    Unfortunately I don't think that this is the actual problem I am having, because I know it's most likely not a bug check that is continually causing these problems, or maybe it is.

    System Events:
    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000ea (0x893ae868, 0x8a4e8e20, 0x8a48f940, 0x00000001). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini051009-02.dmp.

    corresponding 1003
    Error code 000000ea, parameter1 89405da8, parameter2 8a44ff60, parameter3 8a1751a8, parameter4 00000001.

    1001 (category 102)
    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000ea (0x89405da8, 0x8a44ff60, 0x8a1751a8, 0x00000001). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini051009-01.dmp.

    corresponding 1003 (category 102)
    Error code 000000ea, parameter1 89405da8, parameter2 8a44ff60, parameter3 8a1751a8, parameter4 00000001.

    If there is any other information you could use, let me know. I could have missed stuff, so feel free to ask whatever.

    Edit: Was looking through my photobucket account and found some screenshots I took playing WoW when these graphical abnormalities appeared. They are attached.
  2. B00kWyrm

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    The good news is that 1) your error codes are consistent, and they are all pointing to your video card. 2) There are lotsa good knowledgeable folks here (most with more expertise than me!) that can help you find the answer. My thoughts... based upon what you have done so far...

    If you could provide the model number for your main board, it may be possible to track down a manual for it (if you still cannot find one).
    If you are overclocking, then change your settings back. See if that brings stability.
    Have you looked at the MS Knowledge Base article on your error?

    If you would attach some of your most recent minidump files to your next post, someone may be able to glean a little more information, (but not necessarily - the Error Code seems pretty definitive.)

    Since you have swapped three different cards, I would ask, have you made sure that you completely removed drivers for those cards before installing new divers for the next card? You may be having driver errors because of a previous driver remaining loaded in the system.
  3. athfkarl

    athfkarl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the response, yeah, the reason I posted here in the first place is because when I googled my NV4 display error I found a post on these forums and a really informative guy who read the minidump and gave a good analysis and such, problem is I need 45 posts, or whatever to private message. However, My Mobo is from Foxconn, model is X38A, they have a manual online you can download, but for some reason it leaves out the digital display number (the display on the mobo that comes up with a variety of numbers/letters to signify problems) key that explains what they mean.

    However, I think that the display driver thing COULD be a problem. I did look into this recently and downloaded driver sweeper. I uninstalled my drivers through add/remove programs, restarted in safe mode then cleared all my display drivers with driver sweeper (I had 3 different ones there) and restarted again, but my problem has persisted. In the driver sweeper window, the other driver folders were still there, but I am not sure if the files were, the folder was not expandable. So it could be that, but I don't know.

    *THE PROBLEM IM TALKING ABOUT IN THE PARAGRAPH BELOW IS NOT THE MONITOR DISTORTION AT 72 and 70hz, it's referring to the same problem I've been having in the first post (graphical corruption
    There is something I was interested in that I have not gotten an answer to yet, what is the deal with monitor refresh rates. I will give you information into my setup so this makes more sense. I have 1 video card, and have done testing with 2 monitors. The other monitor I have is an older one and has a max refresh rate of 72hz. The primary monitor is a lot newer and has a refresh rate of 75hz. Both monitors have slightly distorted pictures on 72hz and 70hz, so I tried running them both at 60hz, but I still had a problem and I think that may have been because the game I was playing was running at a different rate, probably 75hz as it's native to my primary monitor. So, if refresh rates are an issue when running 2 monitors on 1 video card, any information would be helpful.
    Edit: I found 2 screenshots in my photobucket (they are attached below) of my 2 monitor configurations at the time I was still having problems. Both monitor configs were at 75hz so the problem persisted with both monitors the same refresh rate, and both native refresh rates. The new question is: Could running 2 monitors off 1 video card be a problem here?

    I appreciate your help and response, If possible, I ask that someone private message cpc2004 with the link to my post, or my post included in the message, he is the one I was trying to contact.
  4. hellokitty[hk]

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    I see you have looked at cpc2004's page, and I would like to mention his last activity was the beginning of last year, but I sent him a PM anyway. Good luck, probably can't help here.
  5. athfkarl

    athfkarl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, I appreciate that. Also, considering what you said, if you know any other good techies on the these forums, feel free to do the same for me if you will, I'd do it myself but I don't really want to spam my way to 45 posts for private messaging capabilities.
  6. B00kWyrm

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    I do not have experience running two monitor set ups... so this may or may not be helpful...

    1. Are you sure your Power Supply has enough for the demands of your system? You did indicate this as a possible concern above.

    2. Have you tried changing your screen resolution? Reason I ask is the following comment from an Nvidia forum...
    3. Your dumps are definitely pointing to Nvidia drivers... They say...
    You had the second error twice... (one points to nv4_mini.sys, the other to nv4_disp.dll).

    4. Is Catalyst updated?
    5. Is .Net Framework updated? I believe 3.5 is required for latest Catalyst...

  7. athfkarl

    athfkarl TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1) PSU Output: 850W Max
    2) I have tried, if I ever try anything beside my native 1280x1024 it 100% messes up.
    3) That makes sense considering every once and a while when I get the tearing really bad, it goes to an nv4 display driver error, or some file being corrupt. I've reinstalled drivers again and again.
    4) What is this Catalyst?
    5) Also possible.
  8. B00kWyrm

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    Sorry Catalyst is ATI, not Nviida... Nvidia is Forceware ... my mind jumped tracks there.
    Just stumbled across this, from Nvidia...
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