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Graphical Glitches in TF2

By amazon_sephy
Mar 3, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I've had TF2 for several months and love the game. The problem however is that the game starts acting glitchy at random times. Some of the maps display scattered textures so that its impossible to see. I am unsure if its heat related, but the fact that its random and not after a certain amount of time leads me to question that theory. I have a screenshot of what im talking about in my gallery, which should be linked here-

    Relevant System specs-

    Windows XP
    Geforce 6800gs (various drivers tested)
    Asrock 775 dual vsta mobo (up-to-date drivers)
    300 watt antec psu

    I have updated the videocard drivers periodically since the release of the game. I also tried to get the nv tool that reads the gpu temperature, however that program is buggy and doesn't display properly on my pc. Please also note that this game was buggy even after a fresh installation of windows. I have also checked the steam cache of files to make sure nothing was corrupt. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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