Graphics card issue (not solved by any other threads)

My system already had an Nvidia 9500GT Gcard installed and running for about 2 years now.
Yesterday i got a BOOTMGR error and had to repait that file using the Windows 7 Disc. This involved using the onboard video chip of my motherboard (Manufacturer: BIOSTAR Group - Model: GF7025-M2 TE).
Upon resolving the BOOTMGR issue, i was unable to resuse my graphics card.

I have tried reinstalling drivers, motherboard drivers, resetting CMOS, etc.
The trouble is, when i try disabling the onboard chip through device manager it still will not switch to the Gcard. There is also only an option in BIOS to set the onboard chip to 'ON' or 'Auto ON'.

I do not have the driver CD for the graphics card and gave been using the Nvidia site for them. Also, what appears to be odd is that the computer does not detect the Gcard at all, and only the onboard chip (even if i uninstall the drivers for it and disable it).

Any help would be great.


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I suggest a clean reinstall of the OS and drivers from scratch. Clean out your PC, re-seat all the components and continue with a fresh install of OS, drivers, etc.

If that doesn't work, then it's an issue with your card or the PCI-E slot on the motherboard.