Graphics card PSU issue

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Hi, I'm having some issues with my new graphics card (To run TESIV Oblivion near max resolution, and to use in a new build, hopefully soon). I haven't installed it because when I read the manual it said in the "recommended system requirements" that I needed a 450W PSU with a 30A 12V rail. I have this PSU but it only has 18A 12V rails. I was wondering if I would be able to run the graphics card well with only 18A, and if not if someone would be so kind as to point me in the direction of a reasonably cheap, yet reliable, PSU with the necessary Amperage (or however you spell it).


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It might work, but I don't suggest it. Why play around with power? I would suggest a brand like Thermaltake or Antec for a new psu. That card does seem to require quite a bit of amps though :suspiciou !


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It will work fine. That PSU has two 18A 12v rails for a total of 36A which is more than enough.FSP is also an exelent brand(most of their PSUs put out at least 50 more watts than what they are rated at).
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