Graphics cards keep getting more expensive as RDNA 2 closes in on peak price


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The fact that 1080 Ti was able to last this long is completely abnormal for GPUs. From price/performance perspective CPU's and GPU's basically swapped places in the last 5 years.

GPUs saw almost zero gains in price/performance thanks to shortage, $700 1080Ti -> $1000 3060 Ti? It's really bad.

Meanwhile CPU's become massively better for the same price. We've gone from 4c/8t 7700k for $350 in 2017 to $450 12700k which are basically 2-4x faster depending on the load. Or you could get 10100f for $60 which is basically almost = 7700k

Extremely good time for CPU purchase. Extremely bad time for GPU purchase.
Did you see the news about cryptomining using ryzen cpus due to cache size ? Hopefully it doesn't catch on.