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Graphics Driver not Detected

  1. Okay, so a little while ago, after installing a windows update I began to experience problems with games not running because no graphics card was detected. Before the installation msinfo32 said I had a AMD HD 8670M, and now it is saying I have an AMD Radeon R9 M290x... I bought the computer with the M290x but it also said it was an 8670M. I contacted Cyberpowerpc and they said it was an upgrade which was not unusual for them to include a different graphics card than the one purchased, so I didn't ask any more questions. Well, I tried previously to uninstall Catalyst completely and reinstalling it but after restarting my computer (after the uninstall) it just starts a blue-screen loop before a login page can even be prompted. I restored my laptop to the Windows update, and just re-updated my graphics card so it shows the M290x again and not the 8670. Not quite sure what to do from here, so looking for any suggestions.

    Also, tried putting in the fangbook drivers CD and I can't run the install driver feature. From looking at the contents of the CD, it would appear it was designed for Windows 8 (which I have windows 7). Please help not quite sure what to do from here, usually good about fixing these things.

    Also, I have a Fangbook EVO HX7-400 with some slight upgrades off the stock computer.

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