Graphics won't play games and PC restarts/bsod

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Jan 26, 2011
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  1. Alright , so 3 days my friends PC has been having some problems, BSOD,wont play games (weird graphic bug with them) and restarts randomly/locks up.

    It doesnt get graphic problems on the net/videos only when playing games. It started with windows 7, he left a game on all night and PC was locked up when woke, and then after that it randomly started bluescreening. He also was getting problems and coudlnt get it to reformat, was gettin g aerror when trying to reformat, and had to switch to XP to get it to work.

    Heres the PC specs
    Intel Core 2 DUO E8400 3.0/6M/1333 processor
    MSI P7N SLI-FI 750i -SLi motherboard
    [DDR2-800] Kingston KVR800D2N5/1G ram
    Geforce XFX GTX 260 video card

    Ty for your help if need any more spces on the PC i can give.

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  2. 1337

    1337 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    btw i just want to say thanks to the other person that helped me with my last issue, you helped me a lot and i appreciate it. But now got a new problem with a buddy of mine an he needs help, there is more mini-dumps than those that i posted.
  3. Route44

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    Two things: First, update to Service Pack 3.

    Second, Your issue is with memory corruption. In fact one of the errors is 0x4E which is the strongest error indicating corrupted memory and that is exactly what it gave as the probable cause. Therefore you’ll need to run memtest on your RAM.

    There is a Tutorial: How to use Memtest in our Guides and Tutorials forum; follow the instructions. There is a newer version than what is listed; use the newer. If you need to see what the Memtest screen looks like go to reply #21. The third screen is the Memtest screen.

    Step1 - Let it run for a LONG time. The rule is a minimum of 7 Passes; the more Passes after 7 so much the better. The only exception is if you start getting errors before 7 Passes then you can skip to Step 2.

    There are 8 individual tests per Pass. Many people will start this test before going to bed and check it the next day.

    If you have errors you have corrupted memory and it needs to be replaced.

    Step 2 – Because of errors you need to run this test per stick of RAM. Take out one and run the test. Then take that one out and put the other in and run the test. If you start getting errors before 7 Passes you know that stick is corrupted and you don’t need to run the test any further on that stick.

    * Get back to us with the results.
  4. 1337

    1337 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    he tryed other sticks of ram, it did the same with them so dont think its to do with the ram
  5. Route44

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    Then find the voltage specs of the RAM and compare it to the voltage setting in your BIOS. Do they match? How about the timings?

    Is his memory in the correct configuration as per his motherboard?
  6. 1337

    1337 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 43

    The voltages matched, we checked, have any other clue what it could be?

    Possibly motherboard

    btw thank you for helping me with my previous problem, ur a lot of help bro.

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