Great post by Allen2007

By twrench
Nov 27, 2009
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  1. Great Post- Accurate and Concise

    I'm a new account user so I could not thank him personally so here it is.

    A post by: Allen2007
    . Thanks it worked first time and the same directions from Gateway did not.
    Thanks again.

    Here is the post I'm referring to:
    world wide

    As a newbie I can't post links
  2. Allen2007

    Allen2007 TS Rookie

    Hi Twrench,

    Wow... I'm amazed that such an old post is STILL useful to folks. I'm delighted to know that the instruction were helpful to you. ~ Thanks for taking the time post about it.

    ~ Allen

    PS: Thanks also to Techspot user: "kimsland" for letting me know about this post.
  3. Allen2007

    Allen2007 TS Rookie

    A Quick Reply From Allen2007

    [edit: deleted dupe post]

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