GTA San Andreas would not work

  1. Yesterday it was working really well and then it updated after that.
    It won't work I tried to open GTA but it wont launch but I can see it on the processes tab on task manager I deleted the GTA_sa.set and it still won't work.
    I need help!
    My Laptop is win 10 and has 1.68 GHz
  2. Hossain84

    Hossain84 TS Rookie

    This is usually caused by the settings file.
    Open the My Documents folder.
    Then open the GTA San Andreas User Files folder.
    In there should be a gta_sa.set file - delete it (your game settings will all revert to default and will need configuring again, savegames are unaffected).

    You should now hopefully be able to play the game.

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