GTX460 to be GTX465 instead?

By Alster37
May 29, 2010
  1. dividebyzero

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    I doubt anyone would commit to a definite conclusion on an as yet unreleased product.
    The GTX 465 is basically a salvage part from the GTX 470 (GF100), in much the same way as the HD 5830 is a salvage part from the HD 5850.
    The GTX 460 is however slated to be a product using the (improved?) GF104 GPU, which is supposed to be (as I understand it) a smaller die using less power, partly because the on-die L1 cache used for the compute side of the GTX 480/470/465 will not be used, thus making it more of a classical graphics card- as opposed to the GPGPU GF100 which retains the same basic functionality whether it be branded as GeForce, Tesla or Quadro.

    The GTX460, GTS450, GT440 , or whatever the lineup naming ends up as, is due out in the latter part of the year. Any figures you see printed are pure speculation on everyones part at this point in time, as is the timetable.....this is nVidia after all.

    BTW: From the Novatech site you linked to, the Sapphire HD5850 Vapor-X for about the same price looks a much better deal, as does the OEM GTX470 for twenty quid more, although I suspect that the GTX465 pricing will have to come into line with the HD5830 at, or jusyt after launch if nVidia expect it sell in any worthwhile quantity.
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