Guild Wars vs. World of Warcraft- What to get?

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Jun 9, 2005
  1. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie

    ohhhh he's like THE man of ts..not just any old mod-person

    kk...thnx! look forward to being part of ts and all..maybe one day having 16,000 posts aswell ^ ^
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Wow is evil. I downloaded it yesterday to see what all the fuss is about (10 day free trial). I was up until 3am and reached level 6.

    I am so tired now and have to go to work!

  3. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie

    *advert eyes*

  4. sw123

    sw123 TS Rookie Posts: 595

    I dled WOW just fine and now i is A LOT OF FUN

    I have a lvl 14 human mage lol :D
  5. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie


    well i never said it wasnt fun...

    im sure all of the millions of subscribers find it enjoyable or they wouldnt play it...i just dont want to be involved with that sort of game because of what it might do to me...when i start something i get very enthralled in hazerdous
  6. jandarian

    jandarian TS Rookie Posts: 17

    This has been mildly amusing to say the least.

    I prefer GW meself, but i see the appeal of WoW. I see it, i didnt say I shared it. I dumped WoW after a month. In the end, its all the same crap, whether its PVE or PVP. Just graphical manifestations of the same bs code. So I say, why not play one thats free, and doesnt leave you feeling like you cant walk away when you need to? WoW is digital crack. In the end, you trade everything you have for it and have nothing to show for your time and trouble.
    GW is for me. Not that anyone should care what i have to say, but after investing the time to read the thread, i thought, why not add a log to the fire.
  7. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie

    thats what i was saying

    exactly ...
  8. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    WoW is evil. I played for 31 hours STRAIGHT (as in non-stop besides getting more coke) when I first started and now I have a 22 Warlock and a 26 Warlock... who will probably get deleted if I don't reactivate my account soon. However, since that 31 hour spree, I seem to have become rather impervious to the addictive qualities of WoW. I renew my account and play on and off for a month, maybe an hour or 2 a day. Then after a month, I'm too bored to keep playing and don't use the other 30 days on my game card.
  9. jandarian

    jandarian TS Rookie Posts: 17

    A friend of a friend of a friend of Blizzards (which really is all i can say), hitned to me that Blizzard had 'agents' (thier word) who's job it was to try and spoil the environment of several other mmorpgs, including GW. Has anyone else heard anything on this and if so, please share. If not, well, mb it's BS, but its certainly not below the standards of a major game company.
  10. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie


    well ive never heard of that sort of thing...

    but im friends of a LOT of people who are regular WoW addicts...i mean of course there are some people who dont get a kick out of it straight away and quit

    but its main attraction is...the more you play the better your character stop playing and you miss out....
    they make it so that your kind of trapped between playing non stop or barely at all...

    like i said there are exeptions but thats pretty much the type of game it is...guild wars isnt based on your characters power but your skill as a player...thats why they are entirely different games and cant really be compared as if one is better than the other
  11. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Posts: 388

    I play GW since it was not even release yet but beta :D

    got, done and seen everything in prophecy, this include Tomb of king, GvG and Noob feast RA.

    GW to me is nothing but passed boring over hype deciving game "skill over timeplay" when the truth is .. it was all about farming skills and grinding skill points.

    GW is all about who got a faster better healing bot aka monk IMO. You're in good hand if you ever meet a monk that alway on their feet while keeping their team alive all the time (in guild or in any given situation)

    as for WoW.. i never play that game. I promise that I never would play any Pay to grind game. Not to mention a cartoony heavy grinding game.

    BF2142 is where it at :-D
  12. DS_Flare

    DS_Flare TS Rookie Posts: 23

    You dont just grind, that not the premise of the game, im a WoW addict, i gots a lvl 40, turning lvl 41 gnome mage. I love the game, i get to spend tme with my friends (real ones at school) and my broher who i never see cause he lives in a dif city.
    The game is addictign, but to some its hella worth it. I would rather be addicted to one game, spend $40 every 4 months, than buy a new ps2 game ever month. Now that im adicted, i dont wanna play my ps2, so in turn in saving money :D.
    its a matter of choice and opinion, obviously, over 7 million people cant allllllll be wrong right. I seend GW, it looked lame, my friend showed me his character, and went and killed stuff cause he used be play, before he got wow, i didnt like it.

    theres my thoughts
  13. jandarian

    jandarian TS Rookie Posts: 17

    actually yes, 7 mil people can be wrong. I am not saying they are, just that you cannot say something is good because less then a 1/16 of 1% of the pop says it is. Especially us westerners, we're taught to like something just because its pretty and were told we should.
    I personaly have yet to meet a Warcrack addict who had anything but a mediocre output in life. Look at that poor family in Korea (i believe) that let their 4month old die because they just couldnt stop, they were raiding after all!
    Perhaps this thread should be renamed 'Whats wrong with WoW'.
    As for socializing, its not real interaction when its done behind a mask. Its fine for those with little to no real connection to real human beings. But for those who are used to, and desire real contact, hiding behind a character is childs play. Fun, true, but it's still just playing at being social.

    As for your post Flare, yes, it is grinding. Even raiding is still just grinding. It's all grinding, in every RPG, RTS its the same. Kill, Level, Kill. Only Warcrack makes you pay to keep doing it. Which is just fine, as long as you are cool with it.
    Maybe later in life, when the warcrack addicts' kids are hungry, the can show them their Lvl 60's and hope that will do.
  14. Ralli Plemir

    Ralli Plemir TS Rookie

    I play Guild Wars, my husband plays WOW

    This guy is right on the money.

    My boyfriend/now husband bought me WOW a year ago to help me understand why he spent 12 hours each Saturday at "Molten Core." We are quite different and both initially enjoyed the game for different reasons. He is very outgoing and enjoys the social aspect - he chats on ventrillo constantly. I am shy and enjoyed what WOW called "professions," fishing, herbalism, blacksmithing, all of them. I also liked PVP, athough players rarely worked together and our alliance team always lost. I HATED the instances, players rolled through them so quickly I didn't catch on to the story. It seemed like a loot fest, often filled with immature complaining. When I discovered that to be "good" at end-game PVP, I must beat on boss penatas in 12-hour end game instances each week for good drops, I dropped the game completely, ending the promising career of my dwarf priest. And I picked up Guild Wars.

    My husband is playing WOW's expansion. It bores him, but he has to get to level 70 ASAP so that he can be in the leet instance group of his guild and be "on par" with his favorite people to group with. The quests are the same "collect 12 bear asses" type found in the "noob" zones. The environment and mobs remind me of Disney or 80's cartoons. My husband also plays with Legos, so he doesn't mind the Micky Mouseyness of it much.

    Meanwhile, I'm playing Nightfall. The graphics are beautiful and realistic. The quests are difficult and the story is so rich it's almost like reading a good novel. I can take it at my own speed, with "heros" that are like pets which help me learn to play well with other real players. I'm not crazy about the characters looking like Barbies and Ken dolls in skimpy clothes, but there is a lot of variety at least. The missions in GW are awesome, completeing them changes the environment permanently. I feel like questing in GW is meaningful. And some quests are very difficult to pass, so once I do, I feel that I accomplished something and am a good player. Being a quiet loner, I haven't got into the social aspect of Guild Wars yet, but I assume all the drama one could want is in the guilds there.

    So this gamer chick is sticking to Guild Wars. My husband may or may not be converted.
  15. jandarian

    jandarian TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I agree with everything she (assuming) said.

    Give it time Ralli, when he sees how rewarding your game experience has been, he will want to share it with you.

    Then again, most psychologists agree that WoW actually is an addiction, so maybe not. :(

    My wife and I both play GW (separate accounts of course), and we have made it a welcome addition to our relationship. We look forward to spending the evening together, after the kids are asleep, travelling around Tryia and talking the whole time. We really get a sense that we are playing the game together, as opposed to just being on at the same time. Plus, we have the benefit of knowing we are not spending any of the families' money on gaming. I only bother to mention these personal aspects so that maybe your hubby can see the possible benefits of both of you playing together.
  16. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie


  17. jandarian

    jandarian TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Which is not to say there isnt some serious competition on GW. The guild aspect can be very competitive.

    Req is completely right tho, its a very fun game that focuses on gameplay rather than keeping you logged on. If it ever becomes pay-to-play, i am sure that will change.

    Can you guys imagine if Warcrack went free-to-play? lol, I wonder what would change.
  18. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie


    like i said...guild wars is a great game in its own right....even the pvp is good

    but then you get the warcraft addicts that give it a shot and think the pvp is crap because theyre used to playing 40 v 40 complete chaos where there is no control...just a bunch of people in a mosh of attacks...

    they dont see the skill needed in guild wars and the reasoning for LESS people in pvp... it actually makes things much more interesting when you have up to four parties of eight or six strateigic players who have specifically put their team together... it requires much more planning and smarts...but then if your not into that sort of thing theres random teams where you dont pick and choose...just get in there and fight...

    there isnt any 1v1 pvp becuase guild wars is team based...all you'd end up with is a circle of one build taking out most..then its weaknesses are hit and a new one takes over....and the cycle starts again
  19. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Posts: 388

    heh, hey man if you think WoW is additive... you should try checking out this game.
    its free MMO web base game that got me hook.
    I even left my BF2142 for a while just to play this game lolx...
    register and pm Die Over if u want some starter gears and tell me what u think of this game : D

    everyone can register and see ^_^
  20. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie

    ill give it a whirl
  21. Zippster

    Zippster TS Rookie Posts: 19

    I have played both WOW and Guild Wars and I prefer Guild Wars because it offers a lot of interesting quests and there is no monthly fee to play.
  22. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Posts: 388

    hey RequieM i just send u a pm at Fallen swords dude, check it :D it contain lots of important info and goodies for you to start out ^_^v
  23. MetalX

    MetalX TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,388

    Best phrase ever. I don't know why.
  24. RequieM

    RequieM TS Rookie

    whirly whirly

    whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly whirly

    there isnt any gameplay in this is there...its like kings of chaos no?

    it looks kind of boring...esplain how you play!
  25. rexmundi

    rexmundi TS Rookie

    The problem with GW is that it's just not fun.

    And for all you WoW haters. Don't worry, my GW friends hate WoW too because they've lost to many GW guildies to WoW!

    GW is the RPG for dummies. You could play it with a gamepad. As long as it has 8 buttons.
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