Hackers steal credit card data from 63 Barnes & Noble retail stores

Shawn Knight

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Barnes & Noble customers would be wise to keep a close eye on their credit card statements in the near future. The retailer recently revealed that hackers have stolen credit card information of shoppers at 63 retail stores across the...

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Barnes and Noble needs to release the complete list of stores tampered so that people know if they need to look out for a problem or not.
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From what I have read they have contacted the involved banks and customers who are at risk.


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Ok Keypads are just like a keyboard except they have a mag reader in them. How exactly does a person hack or modify such a simple device? Wouldnt the cashier notice if someone was taking apart the keypad in front of them? Or maybe it was done at the source of the keypads. If B&N replaced those keypads then it might be from the company that supplied them. This one kinda has me stumped.