Half-Life 2: Episode Three won't be ready this year?

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Jan 19, 2010
  1. Hoping to get your grubby paws on Half-Life 2: Episode Three this year? Well, I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but reports around the Web claim the overdue installment won't arrive in 2010. In the February issue of Game Informer magazine, Valve supposedly states the much-anticipated episode won't be ready this year.

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  2. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,715   +856

    I'm really not surprised at this announcement. Episode 3 has literally been vapor-ware going on years now and Valve's tight-lipped stance on it doesn't help.

    That's unfortunate, but on the other hand 2010 looks to be a banner year for game releases, so I think we have plenty to look forward to as is. ;)
  3. Vrmithrax

    Vrmithrax TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,352   +293

    When did the Duke Nukem team go to work for Valve? I must've missed that announcement. :p
  4. wcbert

    wcbert TS Rookie Posts: 74

    I enjoyed HL1 and HL2 and still play HL2. Maybe there is a little good new in that HL fans do not want to see a bad game to be release. A bad game could kill HL.
  5. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Probably the funniest thing I've read in months if not years.
  6. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    Blizzard is the first thing that came to mind when I read this...but hey if they are taking the "when it's done" position the game better be awesome which it will probably be :) .

    Good point, I already have a personal backlog of games I'm still working on and with so many big named games on the horizon I'm gonna be set for a long time :) .
  7. treeski

    treeski TS Evangelist Posts: 990   +233

    I view the situation as such: I'm totally excited about any possible release of the HL series. If they push for a new episode, that's great. With regard to a new rendition (HL3), I can wait. Between HL1 and HL2, Valve released an entirely new gaming engine. I would hope for the same thing between HL2 and HL3. I want HL3 to be the most graphically intensive, up-to-date, and impressive as can be. So I don't mind waiting for HL3.
  8. Who the hell still cares about Half-Life?
  9. Timonius

    Timonius TS Evangelist Posts: 647   +58

    Well if it doesn't come out before Star Wars The Old Republic...
  10. I think that is it a good idea that Valve has declared that the game won't be released just yet, because the HL series has been one of the greatest game achievements in history, I feel that releasing it later (maybe) next year can have huge difference of having a good game or not.

    You can never rush perfection.

    As what Valve is doing at the moment (supposedly).

    So I could say "You Can Do It", and don't screw it up ! xD
  11. Us!!! What do you think!!

    Why would they post this news up if nobody cared!!
  12. So much for their "episodic content" giving us faster releases. Yet somehow they've managed to put out not one but two complete games (Left 4 dead series) in the time they've supposedly been working on Episode 3.

  13. left4dead series is not a "two complete games"

    i'd say l4d2 is just what l4d should have been, a refined version, if you look at them they are almost the same

    i hope the'll make good EP3, i dont want to finnish it within 1 weekend
  14. compdata

    compdata TechSpot Paladin Posts: 529   +7

    my guess is that it will be full fledged HL3. They had way to many loose ends to tie up to be able to do so in a couple chapters like episode 1&2. I am looking forward to it though.
  15. Vrmithrax

    Vrmithrax TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,352   +293

    Funny comparison to the Left 4 Dead franchise... And sort of a pattern with Valve, it seems.

    They put out Left 4 Dead, which by all accounts is very shallow in gameplay, and was designed that way from the start - a fun multiplayer blast-fest. Valve promised continued support and a big library of DLC products to help support the game and give it some depth. Then, just a little ways into the after-launch lifespan of L4D, the DLCs fizzled and were basically just add-on campaigns, and it was learned that instead they were concentrating on building Left 4 Dead 2. The L4D community was more than a little upset that, rather than enhancing and tweaking L4D as they had originally stated, they decided it was too much work and wanted to make it into a whole new product (and, coincidentally, get way more money by publishing a sequel instead of some DLC)...

    Now cut to Half-Life 2... If they are just "episodes" as originally stated, why would it take so very very long to build? Probably because they decided enough had to change that they'll polish it and market it a sequel, instead. So what if it's not what they said they would do initially? They didn't care before, why change now? :)
  16. Why wait for Episode 3, or HL3, when there are hundreds of mods created for our pleasure, that are at least equal to, or in some cases, even better, than the first two episodes. Find them at www.moddb.com
  17. ROFLMAO XD x3
  18. Everyone else on this forum, and a lot more.
  19. I respect the fact they work harder and longer to get something right - George Lucas could learn something from Valve, I think. In fact, if this genre was put out in film format (real or CGI) or even book form, I reckon Valve would be onto an even bigger winner. I thoroughly enjoyed the series for it's originality and I think that many of the themes contained in this game are relevant to the kind of globalised society we are becoming.
  20. bmaytum

    bmaytum TS Enthusiast Posts: 47

    Gosh I was REALLY hoping HL2 Episode 3 would come out soon, so hopefully Valve will say something definitive regarding the veracity (or not) of the rumored delay.
    If they give us HL3 instead, that's OK with me so long as Gordon, G-Man and Dog are in it.
  21. There will be no Episode but whole new Half Life 3 in my opinion...history repeats self (HL -> 1999 Opposing Force -> after 5 years HL2). But maybe there can be some other reasons of that f*cking delay:
    1. Boring Left 4 Dead (2) is still cropping cash so Valve becomes happy and lazier;)
    2. Valve have a plan to release Orange Box 2 (probably HL:E3, Portal2, CS2??? etc.) but one of this games is still under construction.
    3. There were released so many games with groundbreaking graphic engines (especially Crysis) so Valve's working on a new graphic suit for their games to make them visually competetive (after 6 years it can be a good idea;).
    I played many many games but no one comes closer to HL(2) at all. I feel deep inside the Valve is preparing something big...
  22. Half life 2 ep3 will probably be released after 7th of JUNE 2010,as they are taking their time ,one can predict that they might be making a graphic intensive game , Atleast I predict , because they told to release in 2008, then 2009 and even in 2010 but the always delayed the intervals. so ,it is good to be ready with new graphic cards and all the cleaned stuff of computer.Let's hope that like hl2 ,hl2 ep1 and hl2 ep2 this game won't be graphic intensive so that each one of us can play the last episode of the freeman and alyx story.
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