Half Life 2 fails to load

By cookiemoose · 122 replies
Nov 18, 2004
  1. grAPH

    grAPH TS Rookie

    see this

    if this fix didnt work for you see our fix
  2. Ulic Qel-Droma

    Ulic Qel-Droma TS Rookie

    I had a Radeon 9600 128 mb series.It runs Half Live GREAT. Try using crack or some thing else.
  3. bulls_i

    bulls_i TS Rookie

    hello everyone, i have the same problem...but my HL2 freezes AfTER HL2 loads...
    anyway, i was checking the website and i found this link http://steampowered.custhelp.com/cg...XJjaF90ZXh0PSJmcmVlemVzIg**&p_li=&p_topview=1

    apparently, its a common problem with VIA chipsets, and it says to update the via drivers and then try again, which im about to do..so try it..and wish me luck

    AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    GeForce FX 5200
    512 MB Ram
    250 GB HD

  4. melmoth661

    melmoth661 TS Rookie

    I have the same problem, but I don't think it is to do with reading the DVD player as the DVD is no longer required to play the game. I have the latest drivers for my ATI 9800. Like everyone else the game played at least once, then stopped and kicks out once the Valve screen has finished. Are there any new thoughts on this?

    LEVSIX TS Rookie

    Half Life Loading Screen - Fixed!!!!!!!!


    This works people. If you hang up at the "LOADING..." Screen, this totally fixes it. THANKS!

    I am passing this along to the morons at tech support that keep telling me to run a direct X diagnostic three messages after I said I can run high graphics games no problem. Morons. You'd think after selling a product for 50-60 bucks they'd know how to provide support on something they made!

    LEVSIX TS Rookie

    one more thing

    I have noticed since I started using this fix it has disabled my graphic's card high end abilities. I can't use any anti-aliasing. Anything i do in "options" within the game changes nothing. When I go to my graphics card and set it as "application controlled" it still does not affect HL2 solo. Then when I do it by forcing it through my NVIDIA gui, nothing in HL2 but it works with all of my other games. ANy ideas?
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Does the same happen if you add those variables to HL2's autoexec.cfg instead of the command line?

    LEVSIX TS Rookie


    I really appreciate your reply...I'm going to try that when I get home and see what happens. It always kills me that when games like this get released you get the best support from the gaming public instead of the people that charged you fifty + dollars!

    - lev
  9. teentech

    teentech TS Rookie Posts: 20

    try re installing the game
  10. teentech

    teentech TS Rookie Posts: 20

    keep that program going it helps alot and it keep the system clean also theres a good program called Window washer at download.com that works great good luck! PEACE
  11. teentech

    teentech TS Rookie Posts: 20

    definetly not
  12. cukbell

    cukbell TS Rookie


    Set your desktop resolution to 640 x 480 then launch half life 2,then set resolution in the game options to 1280 x 1024 then exit to desktop and set resolution back to normal.Game now loads.
  13. Wolfman64

    Wolfman64 TS Rookie

    Tried it. Didnt work.

    Hey im kinda new here and joined techspot forums mainly for this forum. I tried everyone's ideas and none including this one have worked yet. I am using the newest update for half-life 2. The game used to work exelently on my computer but for some reason it just stopped working. It starts up says loading half-life 2 then nothing else happens. The only thing I think of for this fix not working is that my half-lfie 2 target says applaunch 240 . I have tried switching it to 22 but then it doesn't even say loading half-life 2. Got anymore ideas?
  14. Goatcabin

    Goatcabin TS Rookie

    Half Life 2 fails to load - DirectX

    OK - I had this same problem after doing a major PC upgrade. I tried all the fixes/hacks listed previously to no avail. I even flashed an upgrade to my LG CDR. However, when I finally upgraded from DirectX 9.0b to 9.0c everything worked great.

    W2K, SP4
    Intel D101GGC w/512M RAM and using onboard ATI video
    Pentium D805

    Go figure. Hope this helps someone...

    PS can anyone recommend a good but cheap PCIe graphics card?

  15. michaellee_43

    michaellee_43 TS Rookie

    I have the same problem but the strange thing is, when I look into the Steam apps folder, all of the files were copied with the Arcsoft Card Creator. Who knows what to do?
  16. jeggah

    jeggah TS Rookie

    Ultimate Solution

    Guys after hours of havin a think on why HL2 or any source game will not work on my BRAND NEW PC I have found the solution, and guess what, its already been posted in this thread!!

    I don't know why you guys have been buying new DVD drives and got it to work because mine certainly wasn't because of that seeing as I downloaded the game.

    Now it's actualy a resoultion problem, the guy that posted it before I didn't even bother trying it out because it sounded stupid. The thing is you probably are all using 1280x1024 windows resoultion, with an In-game resolution of 800x600 or sumthing similar. Now turn down your windows resoultion to 800x600, launch hl2 (yes it will work!) and change your in-game resolution to 1280x1024. Quit and change your windows resolution back! It works OMG

    And anyway I think someone told me that source games runs better the higher the resolution (like that makes sense). I dont believe him but apparently its true for everyone and I've been told this so many times. Time to find out.

    If this don't work, if you've got a custom XP theme program like Windows Blinds, uninstall it!! I had one program that just wouldn't open because of this thing and I dont know why but get rid of it!
  17. danielsaddress

    danielsaddress TS Rookie

    A sad fix

    Guys, I have tried everything here and nothing works. Since steam's update I cannot play the game I payed good money for. However, I found a solution that works, partially.

    Went to a torrent site, downloaded a hl2 pirated version, and yep, it works. This is a version since before the steam "fix" so it still plays on my computer. IT has problems, not sure if it's my computer or the pirated version (I'll find out how to fix these now) but at least it lets me get into the game I paid for!

    I'd gladly use any other solution but nothing else so far has worked. If you ask me Steam promotes piracy instead of discouraging it!
  18. Famine

    Famine TS Rookie

    Looks like I've joind the club

    Hello Hello, well it appears that I'm not the only one with this problem. However, I can add a few new pieces to this puzzle. I have been playing CS-S and Halflife2 for several years, in fact it’s all I play. Awhile ago I had a window open up while in steam that said that my video driver was out of date and CS-S may not run properly. It was running fine and I figured if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and it ran fine for over 6 months. Two days ago I had CS-S running in the morning but when I started it that night there was severe video problems. Furthermore, if I tried to run video clips in windows media there were blank pixels evenly spaced across the screen. Corrupted driver was my first thought. So I downloaded and installed the newest catalyst driver everything works fine ACCEPT none of the steam games will load. I have tried everything that I have found in this thread and nothing has worked. I get several different “Fault bucket” 34650443 and 78393789
    Also I get Hanging application hl.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000. These are the only error messages I get. When I went to download the new driver I was told that I needed the 1.1 .NET format which I did could that be my problem? There are some error messages concerning the .net though they don’t seem to be associated with the steam incidences.
    System AMD Athalon +2400
    512mb Kinston
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    Any suggestions?
  19. CarbonToast

    CarbonToast TS Rookie

    This just started happening to me as well...

    Bring this thread back from the dead :)

    I can't remember what I changed or did but I suddenly started having the problem mentioned in this thread: I would click on the Half Life 2 icon on the desktop or the Half Life 2 item in Steam, the steam app would minimize, the screen would turn black with an hourglass, then the desktop suddenly pops back up with no error messages.

    I figured out another way to fix this. I think it has something to do with the game detecting DirectX properly...perhaps having to do with the monthly or quarterly DX updates. If you add -dxlevel 90 to the game launch options (right click on game in Steam, go to Properties, click Set Launch Options) the game will start up properly and work like it should with all the features enabled. Not sure why this fixed it but it worked for me. Seems like there are a lot of different ways this problem can happen.
  20. solutionnumber9

    solutionnumber9 TS Rookie

    One Solution

    Fellow HL2 enthusiasts, I have one solution for you that worked for me. First, let me tell you what didn't work. EVERYTHING that has been posted prior to my post, I have tried, with the exclusion of: buying a new cd/dvd-rom device, reinstalling windows, reinstalling Steam/HL2, updating any program/hardware/bios etc. firmware files. As many of you stated, you should not have to do any of that to play the game, and you are correct.

    Now, for the solution that helped me. The obvious answer is always the right one. As Steam clearly states on their website (follow this link: http://support.steampowered.com/cgi-bin/steampowered.cfg/php/enduser/home.php)
    There are programs that will conflict with Steam/HL2. For me, the program conflicted with HL2 itself, not Steam (i.e. Steam runs just fine with any other program I have on my computer).

    My problem was this:
    1. Steam loads up just fine.
    2. I Launch HL2 (via Steam, or via the HL2 desktop icon, with no extra special commands in the launch line, nor having my desktop settings to anything other than my usual 1240 x 1080 or whatever), and HL2 begins to load.
    3. I see the Valve flash screen (the guy with the water valve in his eye socket), and then the Copyright screen.
    4. Now, here is where I get stuck, the next screen is the blurred image of the city streets of the game, with a small box in the lower right corner that says "Loading…" Well, the game never loads from here on out.

    If you are stuck at this same point, here is your solution - there is another program on your computer that is conflicting with HL2. For me, it was my antivirus. I use Trend Micro's PC-cillin - Internet Security, which I still claim is the BEST antivirus program out there!

    The solution fix is clearly stated on Steam's website. You have to disable the antivirus program (and possibly other programs you may have running in the background), via running msconfig. I've included below the steps from Steam's own website (I don't claim I came up with this solution myself, nor do I take any responsibility for those who do this - this solution is strictly Steam's):

    For windows XP (for other platforms, please see Steam's website):
    1. Click the Start button and select Run.
    2. Type "msconfig" (no quotes) and click OK.
    3. A new window will open up.
    4. There will be a few selections on the left side, including:
    a. Normal Startup (default)
    b. Selective Startup.
    c. something else, can't remember.
    5. If you are using Normal Startup, you will want to switch to Selective Startup. Do that now (click in the little round radio button next to Selective Startup).
    6. Uncheck the Load Startup items (or Load Startup Group items) box.
    7. Select the Services tab.
    8. Check the 'Hide all Microsoft services' box.
    9. Now click 'Disable all', which will include your antivirus program(s).
    10. Click ok/done, and you will be prompted to restart your computer. Do this now.
    11. Once restarted, you will get a pop up window saying something about your windows configuration has changed, and the same window that opened when you ran msconfig will reopen. Just cancel out of both windows.

    At this point, there will be no other programs running in your background, including your antivirus software. Now, run Steam, and then Launch HL2. Viola! success!

    However, as you can see, this solution causes you to disable your antivirus, and you will have to go back into msconfig to re-enable it, restart your computer, to get the antivirus back up and running. A pain in the **** if you ask me, but if it allows me to play HL2, its worth it. I've already logged a complaint with Steam AND Trend Micro about this to see if they can find a fix for this problem, and if they do, I will repost here. In the meantime, do the above, read over Steam's technical support website for other information/ideas, and enjoy playing HL2!
  21. roy1234

    roy1234 TS Rookie Posts: 36

    more ram.
    HL2 takes mostly 1 gig for minimum so thats probably why...
  22. Spodi

    Spodi TS Rookie

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just searched for the past 30 minutes to fix this problem, and finally found a solution. The problem lied in the graphic settings of the game - namely the anti-aliasing. This wasn't being set when I applied it while the game was running, so when I loaded the game up again, it tried to apply it, and for some reason, crashed. Anyways, the solution:

    - Right-click on Half-Life in Steam
    - Click "Properties"
    - Click "Set Launch Options"
    - Enter: "-autoconfig" (without the quotes)
    - Run the game

    If at this point, it successfully works, your game will be run in the configuration it found was best for you. From here, you can re-adjust your visual settings to what you want. Make sure to only change a few at a time, and keep note of what you have changed, resetting the application frequently. If it ever fails to load up again, re-apply all your changes except for the ones you made to make it crash.

    Another problem could be your ClientRegistry.blob file. If the above does not work, shut down Steam completely then go to your Steam folder (for me, C:\Program Files\Steam\) and find the ClientRegistry.blob file and delete it. When you re-load Steam, it will have to update again, but no harm will be done.

    Hope this helps!
  23. somehow i'm not surprised it did that. a lot of more modern games are finicky like that. call of duty 2 was really pissy when i changed around some of the settings in the ATI catalyst. then the game started crashing on load screen, and i only figured out what was wrong with the game when i checked out the catalyst again and reset some of my changes.

    why can't modern games and graphics changes be more friendly towards each other?
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