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Dec 6, 2007
  1. I've been hearing a lot of rumors centered around the third game. After having gone through half life 1, portal, and half life 2, i've heard that the company is going to use the data gathered from those games to create a 3rd half life. and it will feature the portal gun.

    some of the rumors i've heard include a dual fire type of gameplay. right trigger for one type of portal, and left trigger for the other type. they will also be throwing in a melee aspect. but you won't be able to melee with the portal gun. so instead, they will give it a slight gravity gun type of effect.

    these are all rumors though. i'm not 100% on any of them. i'd appreciate it if any of the half life fans could enlighten me on the veritability of these rumors, or mention any other rumors you might have heard.
  2. TimeParadoX

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    It's actually true, Although it won't be called Half-life 3...

    Portal was just a "test engine" for the portal gun in the next half life, That's why valve got the IP, Intellectual Property, for Portal and released it as a full game instead of just a mod ( Portal was originally a mod created by some college students ) so they can get public opinions about how they played portal.
  3. link590o

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    man...the song they play at the end of half life 2 portal is hilarious. and its the developers talking to you. which is great. they're like "we're out of beta and releasing on time."

    i can't WAIT for the next half life. i'm so excited.
  4. you use a 286

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    i love the portal song
  5. Daveskater

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  6. link590o

    link590o Topic Starter

    vgcats.com did a flash of that song with some nice clips in it. check it out. it's teh lol.
  7. pcnthuziast

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    Even though I beat Portal 1st try in 1 sitting, I still considered it a challenge... and I must resonate what others have said about the theme song... it's shweet!

    Below is a link to an article at IGN.com about the woman who did the voice for Portal and other Valve games:

  8. link590o

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    i really hope they put Ellen in the next half life game. she is getting the same kind of fame as David Hayter, the voice actor for Snake from the MGS games.

    her work is really really good. and she now has a song under her belt on top of everything else. to not use her again would be a tragedy. and i'm sure that millions would complain.
  9. ArrrKelly

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    She's pretty much a fixture in all Valve games, so I feel pretty certain that she'll be in the next one.

    This is yet another thread where people are discussing what they're hearing about Half-Life sequels, when the fact is that no one has any idea. It takes Valve so long to finish these games and they go through a million variations between what they planned for and what eventually comes out (of course it's sometimes better than what they hoped for).

    My current understanding is this: We know that there'll be some kind of crossover with Portal in the next game, which is HL2: Episode 3 (another smaller game, like episodes 1 and 2). We know this because...

    The ship they head off to find, The Borealis, is clearly identified as an Aperture Science vessel, and there's talk of "the portal storms".

    That's really about all we know. If anyone else can show me info from a source more credible than another message board or "my friend told me", I'd love to see it. All the talk about what they're planning and what's going to be in the game seems to just be coming from the imaginations of enthusiastic fans. I've still never seen a word from a credible source that the portal gun will appear in any HL sequels.
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