Hanging at "Examining Disk" during XP install

By Nen
Sep 16, 2007
  1. I've had nothing but trouble trying to get a clean install on this new mobo and HDD. First, I was trying to install with the onboard graphics... and it would goto a black screen when I would try to install and just hang... so I disabled everything I could possibly think of, and put in my PCI-e graphics card just hoping that it would work.

    Apparently, it did. It not longer hangs in the black screen, nor does it act 'sluggish' in the setup; but there's a new problem. It just hangs at the "examining disk blah blah". I think I just need to reformat it, because I installed XP on it on a different box hoping that it just might boot up in mine. I was willing to try anything (I knew it wouldn't work).

    But, I'd like to know of other possible solutions to the problem in case this doesn't work. (I'd format it on this comp, but the people who own it are kind of paranoid. :p)
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    You would probably get a better response to your question if you provided a few details about your system, particularly the motherboard and type of hard drive you have.
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