Hard coding an installer

By yosemsam
May 3, 2008
  1. is there a way that i can hardcode a password into an executable such that i don't need to type it in myself. I've seen it done before (although not too often) and thus I know it can be done. The reason is that i'm trying to do a silent install of a software but the password blocks me from finishing the installation.

    If there is some sort of editor i can use to edit the file myself (I'm not sure of the language used to compile it) or a software that edits dialog boxes manually, i would be very grateful. Another approach would be to provide the password in the command line, which i don't know how to do offhand. i've basically just used the "filename /verysilent" command without the quotes to attempt a silent install.

  2. jobeard

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    The issue is to avoid prompting for the PW on all except the first invocation.

    Common techniques are to write the PW in a scrambled manner (eg encrypted)
    into a file at a known location and read it as required and decrypt.

    On windows, the registry is the most common location.

    It is not uncommon to have the PW embedded in the program and then update it
    at install time with another program (the installer) which knows how to
    1. open the file in binard for update inplace
    2. how to find the correct location
    3. and to write the PW
  3. yosemsam

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    i was thinking more along the lines of an autoit script. Once the password has been entered during the install process, the program itself runs smoothly without any reference to a name and password (ie. i don't think there is a registry entry that gets saved since there is only 1 version, the full version)

    I don't know how to scrample passwords, i'm not too advanced, i barely know how to use debuggers such as softIce and Olly.

    thanks though.
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