Hard Disk After Click of Death

By Ray G
Jun 4, 2014
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  1. I have a Western Digital 80 Gig Drive which experienced the Click Of Death while accessing the drive. It took out the last 10 gig of the drive. The first half on Check Disk works perfectly. But when check disk attempted to go through the section where the COD hit, it jammed the program and stopped saying it wasn't able to repair the area. The drive was used for music storage in an automation system.

    I partitioned the damaged area off so it cannot be used or accessed. When the drive was connected to the last system I had it in, the system's SMART said to "back up all data that failure was eminent".

    After partitioning off the ripped up area of the platters, is it possible to use this drive as a slave only.
    I may be coming off sounding like a mad scientist with this thought. But if it's possible at all to continue using this drive, I'd love to use it for storage only. No OS and keep the partitioned area marked off so it's no longer accessed what so ever.

    I'm I barking up the wrong tree with this thing, or is it still able to work. All data which was on it before the damaged area was saved easily. The good section still works and saves data without issue.

    Just curious about this. If it works, I'll use it. if not, I'll replace it and use it for a paperweight.
  2. cliffordcooley

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    My experience with drives has been exactly as the Smart warning. Once the drive starts to fail, it will not stop deteriorating. I would say the drive is history and should not be trusted further, not even as a slave.
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  3. Frozwire

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    It's time to get a new healthy drive with a much larger capacity for your storage. It doesn't cost that much these days rather than having headaches trying to keep that dying drive.

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