Hard drive crashed !

By LakeyDaKidd
Sep 15, 2009
  1. Hey all. I have a hard drive which I had in a enclosure. When I turned the enclosure off it somehow fried the circuit board on the back of the hard drive. So I took a circuit board from another hard drive which seemed to be almost the same and put it on my drive. Now the drive gets power but makes the usual clanking noise. I was wondering if anybody new any tricks to grab the data or if theres anything else I could do besides send it out. The hard drive is a western digital 160gb caviar 7200 rpm.
  2. raybay

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    How do you know the hard drive was fried... and how do you know the external enclosure did it.
    That would be extremely rare.

    I suspect that the hard drive failed, not because of the enclosure, and that the clanking sound is part of that failure.

    Perhaps it is time to replace that drive. Luckily they are very low in cost nowadays.
  3. LakeyDaKidd

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    Originally, I was gonna run a virus scan with malwarebytes but for some reason malwarebytes would run for about 3 seconds and just disappear. Then I would try and run it again and an error would pop up saying I don't have permissions to the exe file.I would also get this error in safe mode.So I took the drive out and put it in an enclosure so I can run a scan on it from another computer. But I connected it to the wrong computer and when I powered it off so I can move it I heard a louder than usual noise.Didn't really think there was a problem till I smelt a weird odor coming from the enclosure. I connected the enclosure to the right computer and the computer did not detect the hard drive. I took the hard drive out of the enclosure and unscrewed the circuit board on the back of the drive and saw that it was burnt on a certain area. I was thinking bout taking a circuit board from another drive to see if that would work. What do you think I should do?
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