Hard drive files not recognized

By shadows72
Feb 7, 2009
  1. Hey everyone,
    i had a harddrive that i partitioned into 3 partitions, one for XP one for fedora and one for files. first xp was installed then the file partiton was made, then the fedora partition was made. after fedora was installed things worked out for a couple days then later windows (and fedora) wouldnt boot. now i just want to recover my files from the windowsxp and files partition. so i took the hard drive out and plugged it into another computer. I started the computer and the hard drive was recognized. i went to the hard drive through 'My Computer' but the files there are a couple unrecognized files with weird names. The hard drive is recognized as a 10.1mb drive formatted with FAT. The drive is a seagate ST3200822A 200gb. any help or advice on how to get the computer to recognize the files? thanks for any help

  2. LookinAround

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    wow. sure looks like partition table / file system corruption.

    Step 1. I'd start by creating a sector-by-sector disk image backup of the drive so no matter what happens you can get back to where you are (if attempting full data recovery is important to you)

    Step 2. Then i'd at least start by running chkdsk on the partitions.

    There are a number of partition management/recovery tools to try as well. Tho i'd recommend steps 1 and 2 first then report back on results for advice on the best next-things to do.
  3. Trident

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    Hi, I just found this forum with a Google search and saw a similar issue to what I'm experiencing here.
    My somewhat new computer has been running fine for about a month. Last night, I came home and found that it was having issues saving documents to one of my HDs. After a reboot, I was totally unable to access that drive. Unfortunately, it is my main data storage drive. I get the following (attached) error when I try to access it.
    I have two 250GB HDs. One is SATA and the other is IDE. I'm not sure which one this is.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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