Hard drive icon location

By rev_olie
Mar 6, 2009
  1. Hey,

    Just a quick one. My system has lost the location of the picture for the hard drive (the one you see in My computer). Does anyone know the location of the icons in Windows Vista. I was going to try and re load the image as its not lost the picture but just the location of it (hopefully this is making sense)
    I was going to Google it but the net keeps cutting off connection because it hates me and so every search kinds takes about 30 minutes so this is easier :stickout:

    Thanks :)
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  3. rev_olie

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    Thanks for the speedy reply as always :)

    For some reason when you right click the drive and go to customise as stated in the web pages there isn't a change icon section.

    There is a change image. But when you click that it wants you to find an IMAGE and not an ICON. There's no way of changing that for some reason and with the icon file being .dll its not picked up in the system 32 list.

    Also the other methods eg going through control panel doesn't help as there is not default hard drive icon in the list and the Restore Defaults button just leaves ti the same.

    I also tried to reset the image cache but didn't have any effect after 4 restarts, it became smaller as it said it probably would but to no avail.

    I'm a bit to tired to be pocking around the registry so may try tomorrow but is there any other possibility? as I'm scared of the registry....i think that hates me just like the rest of the PC....:stickout:
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    This is TweakVI for Vista (as opposed to TweakUI for XP)
    Maybe this will fix it? http://dl.totalidea.com/files/public/tweakvi-basic.exe
    I'm still unsure, but if not, it may be the reg entries tomorrow ;)


    The 'Basic Edition' of TweakVI is freeware (as linked above)
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