Hard drive problems

By a1nerd
Dec 27, 2004
  1. I installed a new hd and loaded windows xp pro on there successfully. When i boot i get a boot error. After about 30 secs it send me to a screen where it has a list of os systems. I select winxp pro and my os loads fine. I went into the bios and it shows i have no primary drive. I set it to auto detect and it still finds nothing. Is there any way to fix this. I have reset the jumpers for master and still no go.
  2. Astro

    Astro TS Rookie Posts: 38

    Are you trying to dual-boot like with Linux? Can't figure out why it's giving you a list of OS's to boot from, unless it's that.

    Do you have a slave drive present? If no 2nd hard drive, then you should configure the jumpers on your hard drive to "single" instead of master. I believe you must have a slave drive in order to configure the first drive as master.
  3. Ea$Y

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    Ugh hard drives are a pain sometimes.
    The jumpers are set to primary or single drive?
    Is the drive connected to the proper connector on the ide cable.
    Is the ide cable on the primary channel?
    It may go deeper. The drive is not showing up in your bios? ugh.
    Reset your bios to default. Or short the terminals or pop the battery out or use the jumper on newer boards. Boot it up and get into the bios. it should detect the drive now, make sure primary and secondary channels are set for auto detect. If this dosent work you may need to flash yer bios -which is a potentially cruel and nasty thing to have to do.

    Hope this helps.
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