Hardware needed for 3 monitors

By dheimy2000
Aug 18, 2017
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  1. I am looking for advice on computer hardware that will support 3 monitors. This is for business purposes and would require a processor and graphics cards needed to support a variety of different applications and internal and external web sites running at the same time. Any advice on potential hardware that will support this configuration is appreciated.
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    AMD and nVidia offer advice on their respective websites. For greater confirmation, I would suggest that you locate some user forums for folks who are doing work similar to what you intend.

    In your shoes, I would consider buying a refurbished Dell workstation (like my Dell Precision T3500 from eBay "used/off lease"), though you may want something more recent) or an HP workstation. Both have good support capabilities from the maker. To that I would go with Windows 10 and 12GB or more RAM. A big solid video card (GTX 1060 6GB) should fit your budget and probably work with the PSU in the workstation. Important to check PSU has enough power and card offers enough resolution.

    I get it to work on a Xeon w3550 CPU and a GTX1050Ti with 4GB driving 3 HP Compaq monitors. Except for the $150 video card, all bought used from eBay for less than $400 for a total cost of less than $600. The 4 core (8 thread) CPU is adequate for 5-6 separate local applications plus 2 browser windows with 4-8 tabs plus 2 realtime internet applications plus my iDrive cloud backup.

    Your mileage may vary.... In your shoes, I would look for a forum with folks doing similar things to what you intend.

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