'has stopped working' error for most programs

By Amourettie
Aug 17, 2016
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  1. Hey there.
    I've been having issues out of nowhere recently where programs will stop working and give me a popup "_______ has stopped working". At first it was just programs running in the background that I never used so I ignored them. however it got to the point where google chrome was crashing, internet explorer was crashing, any program I opened crashed. finally I got IE to work long enough to where I was able to reinstall google chrome, which fixed the problem for that program alone. however I was still getting errors for everything else and unable to open other programs. I even did a fresh install of malware bytes to try to run a scan and as soon as I opened the program it would crash.
    I tried pretty much everything to the extent of reinstalling windows on my SSD. at first it seemed to solve the issue, until I reinstalled one of the drivers for the motherboard and I immediately started getting the errors again. which is making me think maybe its a hardware issue? however now that im getting this error again, im unable to reinstall the rest of my drivers such as LAN drivers and GPU drivers because the apps will just crash when I try to open them. I'm really at a loss as to what to do at this point.
    Everything in my PC has been replaced recently except for the GPU, SSD, HD, and ram. People are telling me it's likely hard drive related, but would it be my SSD causing these issues or the HD?
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