Hashcode 10190? Can anyone help with master password

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Jan 11, 2008
  1. cellardweller

    cellardweller TS Rookie

    nx9010 hash code

    I still need help with hash 11702 on my nx9010. I'm doing exactly what bluehunt described above. There is also a leading space in my hashcode dialog (it reads "[ 11702]") like bluehunt describes (see the picture linked at the end of this post).

    Removing the main battery and RTC battery and running off AC power had no effect on BIOS password.

    After each incorrect password is entered I get a gray dialog that says "Setup Warning Invalid Password"

    After 3 incorrect passwords are entered the computer shuts off. No additional information shows up in the dialog that's displayed before the computer shuts off.

    Here are some pictures of various messages:
    Picture of BIOS message on boot
    hash code message box after F12 is hit
    Invalid Password message
  2. DexterJ

    DexterJ TS Rookie

    I have your same problem. Have you resolved?
  3. dakota66

    dakota66 TS Rookie

    Do u know master password for hash code 12333 , model of my laptop is omnibook 6000 hp or do u got any good program to found the master passord out from hash code.

    Thank You
  4. cellardweller

    cellardweller TS Rookie

    nx9010 password

    DexterJ, I still have not resolved this.

    Motherboards with CPU are available on ebay for around $100 (with no BIOS password), maybe I could sell my CPU for $20 and trash the motherboard? That way this would end up being a $80 mistake.

    Enough defeatist talk for right now. The laptop is a spare anyway, so I think I'll see what kind of response I get over the next week. If the problem is still unresolved in a week, I will probably buy an ebay motherboard and be done.
  5. DexterJ

    DexterJ TS Rookie

    Thanks, I have resolved. I have asked assistance in HP...
  6. cellardweller

    cellardweller TS Rookie

    Help from HP?

    Interesting. I used HP's instant message help system last week and was told to go through the "remove battery, remove RTC battery, let sit, etc." procedure. The guy I talked to didn't offer any other solution.

    How long did it take on the phone? Did you have to show proof of ownership? That could be a problem for me since I'm not the original owner.
  7. DexterJ

    DexterJ TS Rookie

    Yes. HP has asked me the invoice for purchase and an identity document.
    It is The ONLY SOLUTION.
  8. #wind

    #wind TS Rookie

    I have a Omnibook 6000.
    Please, I need a password for BIOS, my hash code is 12901.

    Thanks in advance
  9. Bruciebonus

    Bruciebonus TS Rookie

    NX9010 Hash code 12802

    HI can anyone help with my NX9010? The hash code is 12802

    Any help would be much appreciated. HP were useless when I called them!!!
  10. cemimaza

    cemimaza TS Rookie

    Please help system hash code is 16003 hp pavilion ze5447la

    I try to remove the password, and now can't work with my lap,
    please, I see in other pages about the hash code and this is it

    hash code is 16003 hp pavilion ze5447la
  11. Helloween

    Helloween TS Rookie

    Master Password, Please HELP ME!
    hashcode 07523.
    Can anyone help with master password?
    it is an hp nx9010.
  12. Bensonmam

    Bensonmam TS Rookie

    Got an Omnibook 900B from a friend. The lap wasn't used for a few months. If I boot it now it shows ERROR 271 Check date and system time. Then the only chance is to go into the bios which is password protected. Of course my freind didn't know the password many more. Hash is 10056.
    Thanks a lot for help.
  13. bad_mood

    bad_mood TS Rookie

    My laptop hash code 16208 , please Do Help meee...
  14. willywortel

    willywortel TS Rookie

    Hello again

    who can help me to get into the bios
    system NX9010
    hascode 00568

  15. hk25hk25

    hk25hk25 TS Rookie

    hashcode 14161 compaq pleeeeeez i need it pleeeez help me
  16. Asty

    Asty TS Rookie

    Master Password for Hashcode 07404

    Hi all.

    I have an HP nx9010 .
    System hash code of 07404 .
    Can anybody provide a master password.


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