Hasselblad unveils world's first compact mirrorless medium format camera

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Jun 22, 2016
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  1. Swedish medium-format camera manufacturer Hasselblad has unveiled the world’s first compact mirrorless medium format camera.

    The weather and dust sealed Hasselblad X1D features a 50-megapixel CMOS medium format sensor (the same one found in Hasselblad’s full-size H6D system) that offers 14 stops of dynamic range with an ISO range of 100 to 25,600.

    As PetaPixel highlights, there’s also a Nikon-compatible hot shoe, a 3-inch 920K-dot touchscreen LCD around back, a 2.36M-dot XGA electronic viewfinder, GPS, Wi-Fi, dual SD card slots, a USB Type-C connector and a Mini HDMI port. Some may be surprised to learn that the camera can’t shoot 4K video, instead capable of just 1080p at 30 frames per second (you’ll understand why this is a bit shocking when we get to the price).

    The X1D is designed to work with a new line of lenses – XCD – although all 12 H System lenses can be used with an adapter. At launch, Hasselblad will offer a 45mm f/3.5 lens as well as a 90mm f/4.5 model. Shutter speeds will range from 1/2000th of a second to 60 minutes with full flash sync down to the 1/2000th mark.

    Now, the price. The X1D body alone will set you back $8,995. There will also be kit options that include the 45mm lens for $11,290 or both lenses for $13,985. Purchased separately, that works out to $2,295 for the 45mm lens and $2,695 for the larger 90mm glass.

    That may seem expensive but it's far cheaper than, say, the H6D system, which starts at $25,995. What's compelling about the new X1D is its compact size and weight, measuring just 150.4 x 98.1 x 71.4 mm (5.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches) and tipping the scales at 725g (1.6 pounds) without a lens. Either way, this will likely only attract serious photographers with deep pockets.

    Hasselblad will begin demoing the new system next month before shipments roll out to early adopters in August.

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  2. Kenrick

    Kenrick TS Evangelist Posts: 569   +371

    That last pic.... I hope he could afford to buy a $5 strap.
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  3. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,660   +1,948

    So you can get a new phone now under 1K that can record 4K video at 60Hz, but for a dedicated camera that's just $8,995, even to shoot 4K at 30Hz is too much to hope for... oh dear...
  4. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,300   +1,398

    The 4k on the phone isn't really 4k. This cameras main function isn't video either. If you want a camera that does 4k video you buy a camera to specifically do 4k video. And I don't care how good your Instagram followers think your pictures are, an iPhone will never take pictures as good as a dedicated camera will.
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  5. HamRadioGuy

    HamRadioGuy TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Hear, hear!
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  6. Jamlad

    Jamlad TS Booster Posts: 113   +93

    But why? Even a 4K monitor only has 9-megapixels. What are you going to view this on? Hell, how are you going to scroll this? It's like getting professional orchestral recording equipment to make a podcast for your iPhone. I understand the appeal of medium formats as a general photographic concept, I just fail to see the appeal of such a large pixel count.
  7. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,920   +751

    Probably not. He probably spent his entire budget on the camera and the jeans. :)
  8. yRaz

    yRaz Nigerian Prince Posts: 2,300   +1,398

    It's for making large, high quality prints.
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  9. Jack007

    Jack007 TS Booster Posts: 181   +42

    Hasselblad is a company that sells its products at outrageous prices for no reason at all. Many other companies such as canon, nikon, sony and even pentax produce cameras that would be far better than this at three times less the price. This company wants ridiculous money for a product that is not even as good as cameras far less its asking price. I doubt it would even sell 50 of these cameras. And those who buy are real damn fools
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  10. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    I'd like to see Billboards with images captured on phones used :D
  11. Wizwill

    Wizwill TS Enthusiast Posts: 60   +16

    I remember when a Mac digital image processing setup was more than $25K. Everything starts somewhere. I applaud the comment that this medium-format device is for taking medium format images, not videos or selfies.
    Since I mostly shoot images for web-posting these days, I probably will not be an early adopter of this device, altho' I would also like to see an unenhanced image displayed at billboard size
  12. Bubbajim

    Bubbajim TS Maniac Posts: 241   +168

    It's so you can do that thing where you print them out, so instead of looking at a picture of a picture, you're looking at it in that thing, y'know, real life, or whatever it was called.
  13. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,321   +1,970

    Been using my old 500 for 20+ years now ... tested the digital back that went for $18,000 and decided against it. While there are LOTS of claims of digital chips that will match or beat the resolution and color saturation of 2.25 x 2.25 film I have yet to see it. The worst thing to happen to the film industry was Kodak dropping Kodachrome, but in the B&W world, film still has the edge and the cost ..... frankly, I just don't see enough there to justify the costs. The Hassie always was a great camera, went to the moon, and is in the bag of more professionals than any other brand .... but it's starting to look like they are starting to price their way out of the market. But no problem, my old Deardorff's still have plenty of life and it will be a very long time before digital ever surpases the large format, especially 8x10 ...... Verigam
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  14. Following up on Bubbajim's post... This camera's 50Mpixels will print a 15.5" x 20.7" (394mm x 525mm) at 400dpi--smaller than a poster, although a poster-sized print would still look amazing.
  15. mbrowne5061

    mbrowne5061 TS Evangelist Posts: 747   +357

    1) It is a photography camera, not a videography camera. Any and all video functions took a back seat during the design.
    2) Recording data from any sensor (be it image, or a simple push-button) is limited by the kind of processor it is attached to. This camera probably has an ASIC image processor that has been optimized to produce the best possible stills with the sensor, lens, and exposure settings available to it, not to do it quickly. If someone is spending this much cash on a camera (regardless of make or model), they are buying it for a specific purpose - not a general one.

    That isn't a fair qualification. Going above 300dpi is a waste in 99% of scenarios. 50MP at 300dpi will give you about 30"x20".

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