Hat-Trick: FIFA 15 Review

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Sep 30, 2014
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  1. FIFA's crown jewel has long been the fact it holds the rights to the English Premier League, the world's biggest and most popular annual football license. But FIFA 15 is the first year EA has actually doubled down on that property, and it's fantastic. 

    A big complaint I've had with FIFA over the years has been its fear of counter-attacking football. Through-balls rarely found open space, and even when they did, defenders could easily run down attackers. Not this year.

    EA have done a complete 180, with through-balls cutting easily into wide open pastures and attackers able to bolt through onto goal once they've got the ball. Some people will complain this throws out balance, but as someone who enjoys this style of football - and let's not forget, a lot of teams score a lot of goals like this - I love it.

    Read the complete review.

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    At first when I played it I was worried at how much of a difference there was, it was so much easier to concede goals - but once you start defending in a more calm manner and not throwing yourself into the attackers it is easier to see how good the game has become. The EA servers however, absolutely appalling, they know how much traffic they are going to be receiving and yet they always fail to fix the issues.
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    I like the written part of these reviews but I am not a fan of the conclusion box's should you play or not, yes or no conclusion. I know you guys aren't primarily a review site and I am all for doing things differently; that being said it would be nice to see a percentage from 0-100.
    Not nitpicking guys it all looks good just offering my unprovoked .02.
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    From which website can I download fifa15 for free

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