Have I fried my motherboard with a dodgy sound cable?

By aaronhastings
Mar 13, 2010
  1. I recently tried to record some sound off my computer onto my Fostex. I already fried two channels of the Fostex way back just by trying to get an audio signal into it, and plugging it in while everything was switched on (d'oh) but the computer itself was fine with it.

    This time I fried a third channel of my Fostex. I plugged everything in in advance, from the line out to the line ins of the Fostex, and fried the right channel of the Fostex. Mad with myself for losing yet another channel, I very carefully plugged in a new channel, and no sound was coming through, except a rumble, crackle.

    I plugged headphones into the computer and still hear just the rumble. Headphones still work with any other device. Same with speakers - rumble rumble. Device manager says the sound card is working fine. I pulled out the card and rebooted, trying to use the audio out that comes with the basic setup (a green jack on the back of the computer that comes stright off the motherboard), and get exactly the same rumble. So I put the sound card back in another PCI slot, and (after windows successfully instals it) still the same rumble!

    No more sound at all, except the rumble. Have I fried something more important than the sound card itself? Is that possible? I am now pretty sure the cable was dodgy and possibly the two poles got crossed at some point in the wiggling of the cable.

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