Having issues connecting a server to network

By James Key
Oct 16, 2013
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  1. I have started to route CAT 5e cable to make a wired network. I have a server running Server 2013, a custom desktop running windows 7, 3 laptops running windows 7. I have the modem and the wireless router in the library. I have the modem connected to the internet port of the router and one of the loads is connected to a wall jack that connects to a cable that runs about 110 feet to its termination. This termination is connected to a 16 port switch. The server is connected to the switch directly. Based on my understanding my server should have access to the internet and my network should have access to my server. With this setup I have full internet access on every machine but the server and I cannot access the server from any computer. I have hooked up the server to a second wireless router as a load and was able to successfully access it through the second router but there is no internet. The network on the server shows up as Unidentified Limited Access when directly connected to the switch. Has anyone seen this before or have an idea to fix this issue.
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    Load? It'd be easier if you drew a diagram. Some of the info is missing.

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