HD 5850 new Gigabyte or Sapphire Game Edition ?

By Jamesqin
Apr 26, 2010
  1. Hi guys,
    I don't want to make it long, I'll be buying new graphic card (HD 5850) and I'm stuck between two "versions" if I may call it that.
    On the one hand, there is new Gigabyte ( http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/VGA/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=3354 ) that is oveclocked from 725 to 760 and is said to have better cooling system. Overall it should provide more performance and it has 3 years warranty.
    And that there is new Sapphire Game Edition ( http://www1.sapphiretech.com/aa/products/products_overview.php?gpid=312&grp=3 ) which, from what I can tell is pretty much the same card but supports ATI Eyefinity (3 monitors). It also has, in my country, only 2 years warranty.
    I'm looking for good performance, but Eyefinity sounds very good as well (if Im correct Gigabyte doesn't support that right ?), but Im not sure if HD 5850 will be enough for such resolution..

    if you could tell me simply which would you choose and why, I would be very gratefull !

  2. dividebyzero

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    All HD 5850 cards support Eyefinity. The only proviso's being that one of the (if using) three monitors need's to be connected via Display Port, and as you have alluded to, the Eyefinity support for the card (without Crossfire) is going to be fairly limited at 5040x1050 or higher- it is game dependant of course, but a lot of games are going to be reduced to lower detail and quality settings.
    Personally I'd go for the Gigabyte card. Gigabyte products have a good reliability record and , if after two years, you decide to upgrade, then reselling the card with a years warranty still available will add to its value compared to the card being on-sold with no warranty.
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